Democrats and Social Democrats have one objective: to gain power. Their interest to help the people of the United States is zero, and power grab is everything.

Whatever they can do to undermine the president and his programs, they will do. This clearly now includes their efforts to sabotage the president’s administration work to contain the Coronavirus.

For example, Elizabeth Warren claimed that Global Warming caused the pandemic. And of course Democrats / Democrat Socialists have consistently been in campaign mode against the President’s rational and energy positive climate policies.

The Democrat paid-for articles academic world, joined in on this global warming causing the pandemic fraud quickly. A so-called “academic” study in Medical Daily claims to demonstrate that rises in temperature due to global warming, cause changes in bird migration behavior, which result in increased influenza from birds.

Schumer and Pelosi during the last week of February sought to undermine the president’s amazingly effective, and powerful, virus containment program.

On February 25th, Schumer attacked what is actually about the best possible government containment program, by saying it’s “too little, too late”. Pelosi joined in, that the administration’s program was not “scientific” enough for her. Although the leading medical and microbiological and virological scientists have been working on this in the president’s program since the pandemic in China became known.

Democrats / Democrat Socialists are trying to spread chaos again.

While complaining about funding matters regarding the pandemic program, Democrats  have been busy allocating funds for illegal alien welfare. And support of criminal illegal aliens. And bringing in all forms of disease into the United States through their Open Borders.


Democrat policies of Open Borders, creates a superhighway for diseases of all sorts to enter the United States. Thanks to the Democrat resistance to the construction of a border wall and to any type of law and border control enforcement… Tuberculosis, which was eradicated from the US, is making a comeback by entering over the southern border. Similarly, Typhoid Fever, Measles, Scabies among many other diseases have entered the US due to Democrat open border policies, and are spreading, simply because these diseases are endemic in the countries the illegal aliens come from.  

The political party that claims to be so interested in the “health care” of the Americans and the illegal aliens, is actually helping to plunge the country into a disease disaster. 

Anything that will damage the president, is something that the Democrats / Democrat Socialists will support and work for. Even new diseases.

Things are going to get very rough. Follow the advice of your doctors, and of the president’s pandemic preparedness program…  through the Centers for Disease Control and the other team members, the Department of Homeland Security, state and local health authorities. Also a new report contains non-medical steps which each family can take and add to their medical preparedness.


What we face in America today, is a Democrat / Democratic Socialist Party which is out of control.  And which is working to sabotage the work of the president and his administration, no matter what the cost to the American people.  Crushing them politically in the elections of 2020 is a good way out of this situation.  

Dr Joel S Holmes, is an engineer. He worked for several years in the development of antimicrobial equipment for a leading US technology company. And as an industrial intelligence analyst, helping US companies keep their technology safe. He has provided consulting to financial institutions including a major stock exchange, how to prepare for and get through a viral pandemic with simple non-medical steps to add to the medical effort. Now that same information is available to readers for use at home with his new book on the Corona Pandemic.