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When Fox News came into being it was thought “it was an oasis amongst the media gone bad”. Compared to what we were being presented, it seemed like it was, especially with the motto of “Fair and Balanced”. Tell you what; we’ll come back to that!

One perfect example of just how bad the media has become is how they presented the death of ISIS terrorist leader Abu Omar al-Baghdadi. The Washington Post and NPR call him a “real leader”, and an “Austere Religious Scholar?”

So, planning terrorist raids and murdering innocent people makes one a “real leader” and an “austere religious scholar”? Did we get that right? And then taking three children with him as he escapes, and then committing suicide and murdering these children confirms his leadership and religious scholarship to the leftist media? Did we get that right also?  

It’s clear the media talking heads are now part and parcel of Impeachgate, in effect acting as a corrupt propaganda machine of the Socialist Democrat party.  

When you compare the reporting history, past and present, of the “mainstream media” to Fox, it would appear that Fox has always been a conservative outlet. But is that really true? Let’s take a look at this.

With the exception of a few personalities, Fox News isn’t now, nor has ever been, all that conservative. The Canada Free Press asks if “By 2020 Will Fox News Be The Biggest Anti-Trump Network?” Now that the scion of Rupert Murdoch is running the show, it’s becoming obvious, the Canada Free Press has good instincts.

Shepard Smith, who has left Fox, is a liberal, and we assume he left because of his confrontations with conservative personalities at Fox. Typically, liberals are really good at dishing it out, but not really very good at taking it. 

Bill O’Reilly was thought to be conservative but it seems to us he was something of a phony, and now he’s also gone, and under a cloud. Megyn Kelly was not sure where she stood, as a result, she, like the others is gone, although there seems to be some discussion about bringing Kelly back. Since they now have Donna Brazile as a commentator, it shouldn’t be assumed they would want her back for any conservative views Kelly may wish to share with us.

As for Chris Wallace, he has followed in his Dad’s very liberal footsteps. Wallace attempts to give the impression he’s impartial, but let’s face it, he’s not very good at it. He’s a poor journalist with clever tactics suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome.  

He’s not alone as many former prominent “conservative” journalists and commentators suffer from that same mental disorder. 

Brett Baier always gives the best impression of impartial reporting but his panels are pathetic in their attempt to be impartial. The long list of NeverTrumpers that have appeared on this panels, like George Will⏤who is an arrogant ego-centric stuffed shirt who derides Trump for doing the very things he demanded be done. As for Krauthammer, although he’s passed, he suffered from the same kind of arrogant case of weirdness, as Will. Both were atheists who could transition easily to leftist posturing. The 2016 election is the perfect example. No real conservative, no matter how much they disliked Trump, could vote for Hillary or promote her. As we suspect they did. 

The best Fox conservative who won’t tolerate spinning, and is more than capable of clearly outlining her views on every issue is Judge Jeanine Pirro. Fox suspended her for a while for telling the truth about Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN). Fox calls truth Islamophobic. 

Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson and Jesse Watters come up close behind. They are mostly worth watching. 

Let’s talk about a popular news show called The Five, and here’s a list of all those who’ve appeared on that panel over the years. Eric Bolling, Kimberly Guilfoyle, both gone for varying reasons, and Greg Gutfeld were the conservative moderates on The Five, but they all lacked the historical foundation or intellectual ammunition to shut down the logical fallacies of the leftists who appeared on the show. Although Gutfeld was the best of the lot at picking up on logical fallacies and did so quite often. Then Jesse Watters entered the picture and is clearly capable of dealing with both the history of these issues, and the logic. 

Dana Perino is a Bush Washington insider who would be comfortable with Will and Krauthammer’s views. For a time Andrea Tantaros was a most effective conservative on The Five, with Gutfeld running second, but they got rid of her. 

Juan Williams has always been a leftist, but fortunately, he’s incapable of expressing his leftist views in such a way that would convince anyone other than another leftist. He and Geraldo are experts at logical fallacies and self-righteous self-delusion. Kirsten Powers, also gone, was an apologist for the left on almost every occasion. She’s now on CNN regularly. I doubt it’s for her conservative insights. While she claims to have converted from atheism to Christianity, she remains a Democrat. 

Democrats have a Party Platform defending every form of abortion and gay marriage. Since both those positions are antithetical to Christian ethics⏤can she be a member of the Democrat party without being a heretic? 

Her “conversion”, along with Bob Beckel’s, also gone, and who we never found to be anything but contemptible, is questionable. Which makes us wonder how scarred their consciences must be to continue on their paths.

They’ve breathed the air of the leftist fever swamps so long they can’t argue an issue without logical fallacies, misdirection, obfuscation of the facts, outright propaganda and a repudiation of Christian ethics and values.

We wonder; is it better to be an atheist or a heretic?

As for Judge Napolitano; he’s gone completely over the cliff of leftist insanity. It’s our view somewhere there’s a story to be told over his recent Trump Derangement Syndrome infection, but only time will tell what it is. Last year the Heartland Institute made the mistake of having him deliver their annual fund-raising banquet speech. This conservative libertarian group were seriously disappointed.

Coming back to the breathing the fever swamps of leftist journalism we find Fox and Friends Brian Kilmeade criticized the priest who refused to offer Holy Communion to Joe Biden due to his pro-abortion stand saying such action was “an extremely negative thing.” To whom?  

Brian, as a Catholic, must know that abortion is a “mortal sin” in the Catholic church, and is subject to excommunication⏤and he’s worried about “negativity”? Perhaps he should be more worried about the innocent blood Biden supports being spilled. If a Catholic “journalist” fails to understand that abortion is murder it’s because of breathing the contaminated air of leftist journalism. That causes an inability to define things properly, because definition is what leads to clarity! 

We left out many of the Fox characters, but no matter, many repeat the politics of those we have described. Fox isn’t really conservative, nor did its founder Roger Ailes really intend it to be. He saw an opportunity to make money with a network appearing to be in opposition to CNN. He saw a huge market that wasn’t being recognized. One that would, and did, make a lot of money for its backers. 

That market was a very large conservative American population that came of age and realized the news media was nothing more than a propaganda machine for leftists and Democrats. So he provided a news service that wasn’t a complete socialist propaganda machine, and America responded. It was so different from the MainStream Media⏤it was considered a conservative Republican organ, except the Republican Party itself isn’t all that conservative. 

As for being Fair and Balanced; although at the time it sounded great, what we failed to realize is that was a way of allowing leftist propaganda to appear as news and opinion worth watching. It’s been our experience that “fair” is a matter of who’s ox is being gored, and balanced can mean anything. None of which means ‘conservative’.  

However, that market wouldn’t have been obvious to Ailes, or anyone else in the media for that matter, if it wasn’t for Talk Radio and Rush Limbaugh. 

He created conservative media, and like it or not – That’s the Way It Is! 

Rich Kozlovich publishes Paradigms and Demographics. Dr. Jay Lehr is Senior Policy Analyst with the International Climate Science Coalition and former Science Director of The Heartland Institute.