All things have a cycle of life. Human beings are born, live, and die according to the design and rhythms of life. The stars we see in the heavens live and die by that same design and rhythm. All stories have a beginning, middle and an end and so too does the life of a nation have a cycle of life.

Are we at the end of the cycle of American freedom and liberty?

This is the question that lies at the center of the concerns of millions of Americans as the 2020 election approaches. Will we choose, by virtue of our right to vote for our future, to vote for an end to liberty and freedom in favor of something else? What exactly that something “else” is⏤is the heartbeat of the concern that many feel.  

When you talk to neighbors⏤it’s clear there is anxiety running rampant throughout our population, we are torn between the excitement of re-electing a president that has shown he is not a politician, instead he is a patriot and therefore that is his greatest asset, and the potential for a drastic movement towards a more European style socialism which portends the possibility for a dystopian future that we don’t want. 

The controlling factor here and the driver of this cognitive dissonance is a loss of control. No matter how much you love America, freedom, liberty, and individual rights, you cannot control the process, we are at the mercy of our fellow Americans. If, in greater numbers, they choose to move away from the traditionalist capitalist America that has been our home for over 240 years and lead us into the utopia of socialism, government management of virtually everything, and the land of speech codes, political correctness, wokeness and truth and compliance committees, then that is where we will go.

It seems implausible that a free people would willingly choose this road, in fact it is madness. History is filled with examples of how a tyranny treats its citizens, how life is reduced to mere survival and fear of stepping out of line or running afoul of some rule or regulation put in place for “our good”.

The truth and compliance committees I mention are real proposals by real politicians bent on getting their revenge on anyone who supported Donald Trump. If you supported the evil orange man and you have some outdated belief in individual rights over group rights then you clearly are and will be seen as an enemy of the state. What’s the recourse for enemies of the state in a democracy?

In a democracy, people will try to persuade you with argument, thought and logic to see things differently, they will give examples of different ideas in the hopes that logic and intellect will guide you to a different understanding. 

In a tyranny, a state-controlled method of dealing with an enemy like those who supported the evil orange man, will not come by way of verbal persuasion, discussion and appeals to intellect, it will come in the form of prison, reeducation camps and at the end of a rifle. This is the lesson of history; this is the cycle of human interaction.

In the course of my life I have seen and learned many things from observing people as they interact. What I have said on my radio program and in many of my written columns is what I consider to be a simple truth of life is that the default position of humanity is to live under a tyranny.

Many people have asked me to further define this concept and in light of the potential changes in our national paradigm I will endeavor to do so. 

Humanity is a unique life form in all of creation, we are begotten by a God who created all things, this is my belief not based on naïve misunderstanding of humanity or by a misguided understanding of the nature of our existence by but an examination of the facts before me. I am, at heart, an investigator. 

Follow me here. One belief is that a loving God has willed us and all of the universe into being and designed our existence. The opposing view is that we, humanity, are simply the result of a random expression of actions and events that have no cohesion or plan, we simply came into being randomly, from nothing. As people of logic, we must reconcile these two very divergent possibilities, only one can be correct; we can’t be divine and random, it’s one or the other.

In a cold examination of fact, we must accept that either answer is correct, our personal desires and beliefs aside. Stay with me here people I’m taking us somewhere. My connection between the divine and the random is also connected to freedom and tyranny, both are polar opposites, but are also very real.

A friend of mine asked me a long time ago to explain how I can believe in a God I cannot see or talk to in real time. Now, other than the few humans on the planet that claim to have actually spoken to God or seen his existence in the real world, I cannot say I have had that privilege, but in my life experience, mixed with faith, I can say I have interacted with God and the interactions have been very real indeed.

To make my point to my friend, I used this example. In his living room he has a table, on that table he has a beautifully decorated cake dish and cover. Clear glass with hand painted scenes on it, very lovely. I pointed to that cake dish and said, our friends who do not believe in God say that all of the universe came about by random chance. The stars, the planets the gas and all the elements that make up the universe, including us, came into being spontaneously from nothing. Seems impossible to me, just on a logical basis, but let’s go with it for our purpose.   

So I looked at the empty cake dish and said- “Based on that rationale, the entire universe came up out of nothing, with no help from anyone or anything, just poof here’s a universe so large we cannot even comprehend it”, is that right. To which he said- yes that’s right, its random chance.  

My answer, then was logical- “So based on that reality, a cake should just appear in that cake dish randomly on its own, right? No one should make it.” He stared at the dish and said- “That’s different”.  I asked how it could be different, something from nothing should know no bounds right? I mean an entire universe can appear, so large we can’t know its limits we should at least be able to see a simple pound cake or strudel pop up randomly right?   

My point here is that logic, when actually played out, should be simple to see. Wouldn’t a pound cake be easier to conger up out of nothing than an entire universe? 

This is the point where we lose many of the “there is no God” crowd because simple logic dismisses their argument. This leads me to an old point of thinking- Occam’s razor; the simplest explanation is usually correct. When compared, the idea that things as complex as the universe and humanity simply came into being on their own, from nothing as opposed to creation by intelligent design by a creator, God, or higher power seems like an absurd comparison. There is still no cake under the cake dish at my friend’s house and it’s been 10 years, yet those with faith are called fools and ignorant, while those who’s ideas cannot be explained in any way are considered as learned.  What is the simpler explanation?

This is my definition of what I call the default position of mankind to live under tyranny. It is our history, it is our legacy. It is only the emergence of the United States that changed how people could live. Until the establishment of the United States⏤the concept of living in freedom was a dream of the oppressed, something to hope for but nothing that actually existed.     

It is in this void we find ourselves as a species. The two opposing forces of nature so to speak have finally come face to face. On one side the forces of faith, human dignity, freedom, and liberty versus the forces of tyranny, control, and godlessness; the two paradigms are not compatible and cannot exist on the same field of battle.

These are big concepts. I’m sure many people don’t see the connections to the two camps I have described, but I ask you to look closer. Look at the two sides of the American election, the choices we are being offered and the history of our species. We have long endured hardship, suffering, and crying out for a better life. Who exactly are we crying out to?

This is a unique moment in human history, as difficult to accept as it may be for some, America is the greatest expression of human existence the world has even known. We are the arbiter of freedom, the sword of justice and the light of faith. If America is extinguished, the world will go dark for a very long time.

This election is not the end of the story, but it will be the beginning of the next story; one that may be better or worse than what has come to this point. We can choose faith and freedom, or we can choose something else. Either way we sit at a unique moment that will herald the start of the greatest change in human existence since 1776. All things have a life cycle, including freedom and individual liberty, where do you want to be in that cycle?