By now, most people are acquainted with national voting outcomes and realize there was no wave, Red or Blue and American politics will remain a mishmash. Democrats regained the House by 34, meaning two more years of stalemate. Republicans kept the Senate by increasing their hold there by three. Missed by the media is that the candidates that Trump campaigned for all won. Trump now will turn to the use of his veto pen. Military spending will slow, for two years at least, and spending for illegals will be vetoed to death. It will be a wasted two years for Democrats, but the Judiciary will turn to its original roots of strict constitutionalism. Watch Trump negotiate the art of the deal with Democrats.

Sorting out voting results for local and other state candidates and issues will take a while. That the US House of Representatives slipped back into Democrat hands, while consistent with mid-presidential term voting patterns, is still an issue that will ensure continued political conflict and an even wider divide between Conservative and Socialist supporters of the direction America will take. Will this signal another step toward a Venezuela and Cuba style life or a misstep of retaining Americans position as the worlds economic and military steadying super power? Imagine, Nancy Pelosi once again as Speaker of the House and that demented screeching mad Max(ine) Waters chairing the House Financial Committee. The inmates are truly taking control of one wing of the asylum. 

I lay the loss of the House of Representatives at the feet of Speaker Paul Ryan, a hopeless never Trumper extrodinaire, whose lack-luster performance for supporting conservative trending Republican candidates betrayed his desire for retaining a big government, ’business as usual,’ anybody but Trump attitude. But, he’ll be gone soon and a rearrangement of the chairs on the Houses deck will commence while the screaming Democrats start their inquisition trials against Trump and Kavanaugh. Wait for it.

Sadly, Scott Walker, three time winning Governor of Wisconsin, (don’t forget the recall) was outed by a percentage point to Tony Evers, so watch as that state once again slips under the corrupt influence of union thuggery. Kansas, whose Republican Attorney General, Kris Kobach, took a shot at the Governorship lost to Democrat Laura Kelly, while Florida remained all “Red.” It is now safe for the DoJ to indite losing Democrat candidate Andrew Gillum for his fraud crimes. California, under Gavin Newsom, will continue to function as a pitiful example of Americas potential Venezuela outcome. Blackburn won the Republican seat vacated by a RINO and McSally kept Arizona in GOP hands.

The good news is that most of the House Republicans whose seats were challenged and won by Democrats, were Republicans who quit or retired leaving a vacant seat to be refilled. So be it! Most of the emotional news worthy Senate contests fell favorably to Republicans, including Arizona, Texas. Democrat Senators in battleground states who voted against Justice Kavanaugh, all lost and that includes Missouri’s Macaskill. Michigan’s splendid Republican candidate for Senate, West Point graduate and combat veteran John James slipped below the waves, while a dead whorehouse owner in Nevada won his House seat.

America clearly stands at the edge of meaningless. The next several years will be a head butting contest between a Constitutional, law abiding citizenry and Sanctuary City, open border loving Socialists.

What was revealed is that democrats gains came despite their having absolutely no program to run on except “Impeach Trump.” The campaigns of Democrat candidates were all propaganda and fake news, designed to move their candidate to the center politically, and avoid what they realize is a non-starter for most Americans, the aura of being a true communist candidate.  

Conservatives have two years to reconstruct their Congressional candidates to rid congress of the remaining RINO’s. Pelosi, if she survives her own caucus, should be a boon to regaining the house in two years. 

For Republicans, cleansing the institutions charged with the education of America’s children in our nearly totally corrupted colleges and universities, must become a priority. Challenging them directly won’t work but making them redundant can. Conservatives must also keep up their pursuit of the Black and Latino voters and convince them to leave the Democrat plantation for conservatism where they can have the opportunity to prosper. The next time I use the term “Republican” and don’t have to hold my breath doing so, will be when conservatives predominate in the Congress, the Senate remains Republican and Trump starts his second term. 

Watch for the Left to reengage their shock-troops to hit the streets in support of any issue they think necessary to boost their limited power and, their power is limited. The swelling sanctuary city rolls will economically collapse those leftist governments that have abandoned the rule of law while anarchy will sweep their streets when they run out of tax payer funds. Expect Paul Ryan to challenge Trump for President in 2020 but first, he’ll have to nudge former Governor of Ohio, John Kasich, out of the way. 

For the next few years, bipartisanship will be a nonstarter. We’re in for an interesting two years and Conservatives have a lot of work to do so, we cannot lose faith, but get out there and get busy; continue the attack on the idiots and idiocy of the Left.

Finally, the good news is that I can now have my e-mail back. Daily, and I suspect most of you also, delete hundreds of pleas for donations, double donations, split donations and etc. especially from democrats PAC’s whining about being stabbed in the back and etc. 

Today is the first day of Trump’s campaign for re-election. He’s a winner so let’s find politicians who will work with him. 

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way, now, go get ‘em!