External threats are being used as a distraction. Our great country stands ready for any outside attack.

It’s the sedition from the self loathing evil doers, that lies within our own walls. That’s the real threat!

A dysfunctional Congress has found a way to distract us from the important issues that “We The People” have elected them to resolve. 

They have allowed antisemitism to take root with no condemnation! They refuse to secure our borders and refuse to uphold laws already on the books, nor manage to get anything passed. 

They embrace socialism for “thee, but not for me.” Their only agenda is investigation and impeachment to overturn the results of our last presidential election in their relentless pursuit for power.

The enemy within is as calculating as they are corrupt. Don’t be distracted by the events that are unfolding around the world. 

Now, more then ever, it is time to yank back our country before it’s too late.. Essay written by Michelle Sass, and the Poem by RayRay.

Enemies Within

They would have us believe
That there’s threats on the globe
Fake News about Russians
Purposeful distractions have gotten quite old

The threats from Iran
And the value of Yen
Xi and the Rocket man
Front pages they’ll spend

But the truth of the matter
Lo and behold
The true threat to our Republic
Must always be told

Look no further than Congress
And to the endless fake news
Letter Agency seditions
Spying and FISA abuse

Stealth from the wealthy
Pulling strings with a stench
Unfriendly circuit court orders
Right from the Bench

Pelosi and Soros
Schumer and Schiff
Keep pushing us closer
To the edge of a cliff

Jump over the Border
Tunnels under the fence
Give them voter ID’s
Let the elections commence

Ilan and Rashida
Who will they defend?
Won’t take an oath on the Bible
The Quran is their friend

The Death blows to our Country
Here’s the place to begin
The real culprits among us
Are the enemies within

Written by RayRay 6/21/19©️