Liberty or Tyranny, America appears to be at the crossroads of a societal shift that will determine the outcomes and future direction of a divided country. Coming off the lengthy Mueller probe and the failed attempts to prove that the Trump administration colluded with Russia, to throw the 2016 election, the country has been thrown into a divisive tailspin. Questions still remain as to the origins of this “Deep State” attempt at a “soft coup” to unseat the President or at least provide specific grounds for his impeachment.

America’s constitutional republic is still being threatened, with many observers insisting that a two tier justice system exists affecting Conservative players versus the Progressive Left.

Ava Armstrong is a best selling author, history expert and political Commentator and Producer on the America Out Loud Talk Network. In this Podcast, Ava joins host Ray Brookstein in a discussion to provide important insight into the real concerns that “We the People” are at a crossroads of Tyranny vs Liberty.


There are many questions to ponder – What are the affects of conservative suppression, and the likely investigations into anti-trust status of the major social media and search platforms? What affect will these platforms have on the 2020 election? How important are our voices and the bolstering of free speech in America? We learn some history about the America Out Loud Platform and it’s future direction along with Ava Armstrong’s authoring of 18 books which focus on the goodness of America and those that make it the greatest country on earth.

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