Americans are in a quandary. Is it even possible to consider Obama’s shadow idiot, China Joe Biden, to be our next president? Exactly! Nobody does not even the Marxist Democrat Party or their propaganda arm, the mainstream media. Presumably, China Joe is now the presidential pretender-elect, unless God strikes through the upcoming congressional electors’ process, which does provide a route that invalidates China Joe Biden’s stolen election.

Suppose anyone Congressman and one Senator challenge the Congress’s electoral certification vote, and the process proceeds according to the Constitution and states electors throw the suspected electoral votes into Trump’s column. In that case, Abraham Lincoln’s words ring loudly from the past as truths today: 

We the people are the rightful masters of both the Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who would pervert the Constitution!”

For career politicians like Joe, nothing apparently, is easier to do than loot the US treasury to buy and sell favors, offer bribes, bailout dysfunctional Blue City and State governments who have raided their treasury to buy and sell votes to stay in power. China Joe alone occupies the role of the patron saint of mediocracy! With his mediocrity, protected by his status and position, comes the elitism that makes him and those like him feel safe engaging in their self-enrichment. If his voters cared, they wouldn’t have re-elected him for over forty years as their Senator, would they? 

China Joe Biden convicted himself with his casual remarks bragging about how he got a Ukrainian prosecutor fired for not dropping his investigation into a corrupt energy company (Burisma) investigation that company’s corruption included his son Hunter Biden, a treasured, valued and essential contributing member of the Burisma Board.

Mediocrity must be a family trait. Hunter opened the door to his and his dad’s potential destruction by failing to redeem a laptop computer from a repair shop that contained enough implicating, illegal material even to convict the “Statue of Liberty!” 

Then came the entangling web of China, a 1.5 billion dollar contract to Hunter Biden because his lawyering skills were so in demand by a Chinese company. The IRS and the FBI have long had Hunter Biden in their sites, but the democrat propaganda machine of the Marxist Democrat Party completely shut the stories down. “Nothing to see here” except to see another application of the Democrats standard denial model: “Admit nothing, deny everything and blame somebody else.” A lame attempt was made to blame Trump.

China has flooded America with spies under Obama and Biden’s watch. They came as students, scientists, educators, board member of American companies they’re invested in, and “Honey Tarts” seeking the sexual favors of really corrupt and stupid politicians.

The Democrat plan to rearrange the deck chairs on their Titanic has started. The media is now going all-in against Hunter Biden. It would have taken down China Joe before the election, but now, it’s an exercise in a power grab by the radicals that will leave the door open to Commie Harris.

China has a significant investment in America’s failure. It’s their destiny to rule the world, they think.

Remember, freedom is the goal. The Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em!