In the merry, merry month of May, the horrific Wuhan Coronavirus is spreading through the White House like wildfire.

Head of the Food and Drug Administration, Dr. Stephen Hahn, director of the CDC, Dr. Robert Redfield, and Dr. Anthony Fauci are all under quarantine.  Eleven members of the secret service as well as governmental assistants to the Trump family members are infected. Mike Pence’s press secretary is infected, and her husband, a key advisor to the president, under quarantine.

How can this be happening? With the Pandemic Task Force itself being based in the White House, surely they can control things. But evidently not.

And perhaps the reason the Task Force is failing… is apparently that Anthony Fauci told the president a little white lie.

That masks can keep people from spreading the diseases but don’t protect the wearer from becoming infected.

The president, believing this lie, conducts his work, including meetings with many people, with everyone present not wearing masks.

This is inviting disaster. And we are starting to see the results.


It is true that Fauci has the nation and the President under his spell. Whatever he says must be true. Lockdowns are good, 1.7 million Americans will die from a pandemic model belonging to Fauci’s associate Bill Gates… all kinds of false data, all kinds of nonsense. That Hydroxychloroquine won’t help. Little white lies. Little white lies that kill people.

About the masks, just think…  

If masks do not protect the wearer against the virus, then why do doctors wear masks when treating patients?

Of course the masks help protect the wearer. The SARS-CoV-2 (Wuhan) virus is spread in the air by droplets. These droplets may be microscopic size or larger. Masks can block many of these droplets from entering into the wearer’s mouth and nose, which are key infection places.

While masks do not protect completely, they play not only an important, but a necessary role in bringing this and other pandemics under control, and protecting the wearers as well as those around the wearer.


Taiwan has worn masks since the pandemic beginning in late December. Every single Taiwanese person. And there is still a ban by the Taiwanese government against masks being exported from Taiwan. All masks produced there are used by the population.

Taiwan has a population of 23 million people, and a death total from the virus… just wait for this… of six people. 

And this, without having any vaccine, without having any lock downs. Only those who are infected are under quarantine, and no one else.

Fauci apparently does not want the president, the Pandemic Task Force or the Nation to know about this. He has never mentioned it to them or the American people.

The use of masks by everyone is one of the reasons for the remarkable Taiwanese result.

President Trump, Vice President Trump have been completely fooled by the mask little white lie of Fauci, that masks don’t protect the wearer against infection.

Thus, under the Fauci spell, because President Trump and Vice President Pence are tested daily and are negative, so they don’t wear masks.  

Vice President Pence, based on the Fauci doctrine did not wear a face mask when he visited the Mayo Clinic in May, where recovered coronavirus patients were in the room. Every other person there, around 25, all wore masks. But under the spell of Fauci, Pence did not wear a mask, exposing himself to disaster.  

Regarding the Mayo Clinic visit, the vice-president stated the Fauci doctrine, that because he had tested negative he did not have to wear a mask. Just think about it!

President Trump regularly conducts meetings with many people… medical groups, pharmaceutical company directors, leaders of business and industry, without anyone wearing a mask. This is a recipe for disaster, and based on a little white lie about masks told to him, to the Pandemic Task Force and to the nation.

It’s quite probable that huge self-inflicted economic wound to the nation, could have been avoided altogether, if the population wore masks.

I am, have been, and will be a supporter of President Trump, one of the greatest American presidents. To see him fooled by the white lie teller is painful.

Those little white lies come from somewhere deep inside Fauci. A video released on May 8, 2020, providing the experience of Dr. Judy Mikovits, one of America’s leading scientists of the 1990’s, at the hands of Fauci. Every American needs to see this video. It has been removed from YouTube, and most of Facebook by the Democrat / saboteur thought police. But brave people are reposting it.

At the time of this writing it can be seen here.

Another place for the information about the little white lies is the book mentioned below.


Dr. Joel S Holmes is an engineer. His new book on the hidden life of Dr. Fauci, was during the week of May 1st, the #1 new E-book on Amazon. The video may be removed, but the information is available in his book.

Image: AP