There are several national polls that reveal a majority of American people under age 32 believe that socialism is an acceptable form of government for the United States. In fact, those polls also reveal that the same younger Americans would rather live in a socialist or communist America than the current capitalist free republic we now inhabit. Seems ‘Young America’ thinks SOCIALISM IS COOL.

This was shocking the first time I heard it several years ago, but since then there have been additional pieces of evidence.… Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, among the most visible.

This trend of electing non-traditional Americans to national positions of political power can be seen as an advancement for our country. Adding more voices is not a bad thing, adding different perspectives can only enhance our view of the world around us and help us to see the bigger picture, right?

I would enthusiastically say yes if all those new people also saw America for what it really is, the greatest nation on earth. The place where freedom will make its last stand for mankind, the place of compassion that has saved the world from its uglier tendencies many times over, the place that has held tyranny in check over most of the face of the planet and the place that values individuals over the state.

I can deal with disagreeing on how we conduct our business, and arguing our points for how we feel we should proceed, that is healthy, but what I can’t abide is the wave of anti-American sentiment that is coming from our newest socialist representatives and their desire to dismantle our system. This is the part of the new ascension of radical ideas and plans that we are seeing that makes acceptance of these ideas impossible. To accept them is to accept suicide and I’m not willing to commit suicide to get along, there comes a time you have to say enough.

The most difficult part of this column as I put it together was recognizing that the polls are giving us an indicator of what our future might actually be. No matter how much we traditionalists love our country and all it stands for, we cannot hold the line for freedom and liberty when over 50% of our population has decided that socialism and communism is a better option. At some point in the next 20 or so years⏤they could very well overtake our beliefs at the ballot box and in a single day, without a shot being fired, they will vote away our history, our traditions, our freedom and our liberty all in a mistaken belief that destroying America will allow a greater Phoenix of justice and fairness to rise. We have reached the crossroad of time and destiny.

And what does the day after this election and ushering in of American socialism look like? What do the next months and years look like?    

I would be speculating of course, but there is some information and data we can look at to inform us. First, there is all of history where socialism and communism have been tried. There is Venezuela, a very recent experiment in equality and justice served up at the point of the governments gun; unfortunately, all of these examples have not turned out too well for the recipients of this equality and justice.

We can look at the millions of people who have suffered and died in these places where socialism and communism has made things better for everyone, we can see videos of people fleeing for their lives from the specter of death as it pursued them and their families in the forms of starvation, sickness and hopelessness. We can occasionally watch news reports of the mass graves of those same fools attempting to escape these bastions of paradise, equality and justice and paying with their lives. Yes, indeed we can see some evidence of what it would be like.

What I don’t see however are the real-life examples of plenty for everyone, education, free education for everyone, perfect and plentiful health care for everyone addressing every form of human illness immediately and to the satisfaction of the population, not to mention an abundance of toilet paper and not a line to stand in to get these things.

I don’t see multitudes of grateful citizens cheering their dear leader for these gifts of the state, given generously in the spirit of equality and justice; of course I am not referring to the ones who do so at the barrel of a loving peoples army rifle, we can see a lot of that.       

But wait, maybe I’m not seeing things clearly, maybe I’m just not giving it a chance.

That is the cry of the new American Left. We just haven’t done socialism or communism right yet, we haven’t gone all the way yet, we keep hedging and hanging onto the antiquated idea of personal freedom.

You know the old saw given to us by President Obama⏤we cling to our God and our guns. If we would just give all that a rest and give America Socialism a real try, it would be utopia.

We wouldn’t mind giving up most of our income for this utopian existence, which would relieve us of the burden of greed. If you don’t have any money, or very little of it and no chance of accumulating any significant amount then we would not have the opportunity to be greedy, instead we could be grateful and satisfied, we could cure one of America’s greatest weaknesses.

We would have so much free education we would all have PhD’s, be brain surgeons, successful trial lawyers, CEO’s of gigantic Do Gooder agencies, or just sit back and relax and go fishing if that suits us best. Work or no work⏤our every need would be taken care of.

From the smallest pimple to the most complicated heart surgery, our doctors would find cures for everything and all our medicine and health care would be free, I might even get a face lift and a liver transplant to keep me going strong. This will cure two more of America’s ills⏤Great and free health care for everything and everyone and we would crush those evil and greedy pharmaceutical companies!

Man, this is sounding pretty good. What a fool I’ve been worrying about personal freedom and individualism when I could have been a warrior for the left this whole time and had this great life!

Of course, there is the pesky day to day things we have to figure out, like who does the hard work if no one wants to? Who picks up the garbage or builds the windmills or the good thoughts powered, non-polluting cars, airplanes, boats and trains? Who cares for the sick and elderly if everyone wants to be a movie star?

Well, no worry, we will get a committee together and make a group decision and everyone will take a turn, even those in charge of the benevolent government will roll up their sleeves and dive in to help⏤that’s how it works right?

All of this pondering has led me to consider this more closely, to give it a chance so to speak as I decide where in the Hollywood Hills I want my free mansion built.

Is anyone really buying this?

Listen, I’m having a very hard time accepting that so many of my fellow Americans really think socialism might work. How did we get here? How did we, an intelligent people, an entrepreneurial, freedom loving⏤save the world kind of people, a God-fearing people, get here?

How is it that we have an entire political party that is antithetically opposed to the country they want to represent? How is it that they hate, and are not afraid to say it out loud, hate half the population of the country they want to represent? How is it that they defend the lives of murderer’s and enthusiastically demand the right to kill babies, even babies that have been born, and call it “Choice”? How is that they see God as a myth for the weak minded and demand we all purge ourselves and our nation of any reference to Him, yet they demand we all believe man made global warming/ climate change is undeniable even though the proof is non-existent.

How is it our news media sits with them and listens to their un-American, anti-freedom and liberty, hate filled tirades against all that has made us a great nation and with finger to chin shakes their heads in agreement like they are saying very profound things?

These things and this kind of thinking is the existential threat to our nation and one we must come to grips with.

As I said earlier, there is room for disagreement in this country, there is room for honest questions and debate about how we proceed, we can and should listen to all of the voices of our people, but to throw away all that we are for the death sentence of socialism and communism is both suicidal and fool hardy and I for one will not go quietly into the night.

We must demand of our representatives, especially the weak-spined ones, that they take a stand for our American legacy, for our traditional values, rule of law, and our Constitution.

We must be strong, we must primary our own representatives if they fail us.

If we don’t take a stand⏤there will be no place for us to stand when the dear leader comes to call.