With the stroke of a pen Komrad Biden eliminated: 

  • about 50,000 direct jobs
  • tens of thousands of side jobs for goods and services
  • gas prices up
  • inflation up as goods and services escalate due to rising manufacturing and trucking services higher energy costs
  • thousands of products will rise in price
  • prepare – this is Obama’s third term brought to you by Susan Rice
  • ban on funding worldwide abortion paid by the American people
  • with HR-1, free speech is about to be criminalized — the ultimate leftist dream.

The instituting of diversity programs in all aspects of government guarantees that the government programs will not be filled by the best and brightest. Government employment will now be based on the color of your skin, and who you know not what you know. “Diversity training” programs are based on identity politics and often use a person’s race to degrade or ostracize him or her.  These training programs are a mask for the real issue like opening the borders, pitting one American against another. Nonetheless, Biden’s “cabinet nominees, whether in health, finance, environmental policy, or education, have declared that eradicating systemic racism is their top priority.  Someone, please ask for examples. Translation:  Squashing all opposition is their top priority. Learn to think in opposites then you will get the code of communism. 

Join: Armando Escalante, field coordinator, website: is JBS.org, decoding communism, and Pastor Rick Stevens: https://floridacitizensalliance.com/liberty/

Is America worth saving? If not you, who? If not now, when?

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