The old adage “keep your friends close and your enemies closer” is applicable only when you know who your friends and enemies are. Lt. Col. Vindman, a US Army Officer, held a position of trust and responsibility on the National Security Council Staff, probably because of his Ukrainian speaking skills. His brother, an officer, worked there too. But, alas, they both became convinced of their self-importance to the bureaucratic Deep State that lead them to insubordination.

Both are now looking for positions somewhere suitable to their talents, ratting on their superiors. Lt. Col. Vindman, if not court-martialed for his deeds, could soon find himself commanding a basic infantry training battalion at Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo. perhaps! He took an oath not only to defend the Constitution but also to obey his superiors. There is a clause that allows a soldier to disobey an illegal order, but nothing that permits him, on the strength of his personal feelings alone, to publicly “rat out” his Commander-in-Chief simply because he ‘thinks’ something said that was inappropriate. That sort of thing is far above his pay grade. Even an Ambassador was fired. The Commander-in-Chief must have advisors he can trust.

Because one political party is drifting Left toward fascist totalitarism and has dragged half the country with them in that belief, does not imply that the old rules of decent conduct no longer apply.

To believe that the incumbent, Donald Trump, who was voted in as President by an electoral majority is unacceptable because his program is intent on Making America Great Again, is to toy dangerously with the intent of the Constitution and the rule of law. It’s a fools undertaking for anyone who has come to accept the Democrats philosophy that the Constitution and the rule of law, are out of date and should no longer apply. We’re not there yet!

Lt. Col. Vindman’s escorted removal from his position on the National Security Council was public, shameful, showy and meant to convey a message to his administration. The Commander-in-Chief is Donald Trump, not a staff functionary. Lt. Col. Vindman not only lost his job, he lost his TS/SCI security clearance that he’ll never get back as well but, he irrevocably lost the trust of his comrades and the Army that accepted him. I will be surprised if he is not court-martialed and ends up at the Leavenworth Military Disciplinary Barracks (prison) for his faithless conduct.  

Lt. Col Vindman had choices. He could have resigned, retired or asked for a transfer if he felt he was laboring in an office whose aims were contrary to his personal beliefs or, he could have complained up his chain of command. What he absolutely could not do is sneak and contrive behind the President’s back, to undermine his programs by publicly blabbing his personal opinions to any forum that asked him. It was not his job. The argument that he was subpoenaed is fallacious because the White House, by right, would have exerted Executive Privilege to prevent his testimony. He did so, proudly in his shiny blue uniform, by his own will.

Lt. Col. Vindman, his brother and Ambassador Sondland are the first. Trump’s acquittal has opened the portals of a subtle realignment that will come as surely as Elm blight comes in January. Trump doesn’t need to be revengeful; In their anguished pursuit of his demise, his enemies, primarily Pelosi, Schiff and Nadler, have exposed the Deep Stater Pirates within the administration and revealed their despicable behavior that will cause them their own grief. 

Trump does not need to be forgiving. The toil and hurt the Democrats have put him and his family through, brook no sympathy. Whatever comes, they got it coming.

Trust is the most valuable asset a person can carry throughout his life. The loss of that trust is forever and the consequences incalculable. Let the cleansing begin!

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em!