The Clinton’s Demise?

Are “The chickens all coming home to roost,” at least for the Clinton’s? The awful shenanigans that the Democrats perpetrated against Donald Trump before his election last November are being revealed for the real criminality they are. Why can’t the DOJ see that? If you grew up in the Watergate era of Richard Nixon, that pales in comparison to Clintons criminality. Remember, Hillary Clinton paid off the DNC’s outstanding debts and in exchange, demanded complete control over the DNC’s money and activities, which they gave her. Therefore, Hillary Clinton and the DNC are synonomous.

Oh, what tangled webs we weave when at first we practice to deceive.” Wm. Shakespeare.

Early in 2017, the Clinton campaign began to suspect their personal attacks against Donald Trump were not working but had instead, actually gave Trumps campaign more favorable exposure then they intended. At the same time the FBI investigation into Clinton’s mishandling of classified information and ‘scrubbing’ her personal email server was getting perilously effective, at least in the publics eye. Americans expected justice at last for “crooked Hillary.”

But, the fix was in. At a DC Press Conference on July 5th last year (2016), FBI Director James Comey, just a few days after Attorney General, Loretta Lynch got caught meeting clandestinely with Bill Clinton in AZ., shockingly and peremptorily, announced to the world that no reasonable prosecutor would bring charges against Hillary Clinton because the FBI failed to prove “Intent.” He therefore declared Hillary “acquitted” of all charges, while admitting her actions were “extremely careless.” And, here I always thought it was juries that acquitted defendants if they were found not Guilty. So, by Comey’s definition then, “Intent” is necessary to even charge a violation of a federal crime! It didn’t work for Scooter Libby or General Flynn, did it? The end result was, however, the full court press against Donald Trump, i.e.: the Russian Collusion.

Codification of ‘Intent’ as an issue of guilt, hasn’t been written into law except to show pre-meditation of a crime, often associated with homicides or frauds, when witnesses, usually co-conspirators to that crime, “rat out” the principle to save themselves. So, now we ask why were Cheryll Mills and Uma Abaden interviewed by the FBI without benefit of a Miranda warning, or charged with lying, and why did the FBI destroy their laptop computers? Simple enough, their testimony, and computer evidence, would have proved the premeditation required to show Hillary’s ‘intent.’ For example, if her private email server contained only personal family communications, why did she desperately find it necessary to “scrub” 30,000 messages out of the thing? Thank God for Anthony Weiner’s computer.

So, when something as egregious as Clinton’s criminal actions and cover-ups, i.e.: obstructing justice by destroying evidence and the illegal use of non classified systems, etc., & etc, (without intent) are exposed, it demands investigation and closes the silly argument of “I didn’t mean to” or “I don’t recall” that Liberals and the rich and famous use to exculpate their crimes. At what point in time did the leadership of the FBI and the DoJ, decide that Hillary Clinton had to be saved at all costs? I believe it all started in January, 2008. One wonders too, if Hillary can say she will seek rehabilitation services. By whom one wonders? Prison has them.

The “I didn’t mean it” excuse died with the Third Reich. It didn’t work for the Nazi’s when their only excuse for committing atrocities was “I vas only obeying orders,” were quickly followed by either a thirteen step climb up a scaffold or a firing squad. As we are now learning, It was Hillary Clinton’s staff that issued the excuses to ensure she would escape simply because she had no ‘intent.’ Anyway, that’s what FBI Director James Comey told us.

The timeline of Clinton’s criminality is important. July, 2017 was when Dir. Comey made his stunning announcement. A few short weeks later the allegations of a Trump-Russian collusion surfaced, supported by a phony but damning dossier called the Fusion GPS report, that set in motion the Mueller investigation to prove that Trump colluded with the Russians. FISA search warrants were apparently requested based on the strength of that silly report. Mueller was empowered to investigate the claimed collusion and bring an end to that awful Donald Trump’s presidency. But alas, as “the plans of mice and men gang aft agley.” …(Robert Burns), nothing nefarious could be attached to Trumps pre-inauguration administration. But lo! it did to Hillary Clinton. Is it being ignored now?

The Fusion GPS report, exposed for the fraud it is, was a creation paid for by the Clinton/DNC. I should think that, the “Fruit of the Poison Tree” doctrine would intervene and render any evidence collected under the false swearing by the FBI ( S/A Strzok), using that report to obtain their FISA warrants, would render the entire Mueller case, even the piddley charge against General Flynn, untenable in any court of law. Let’s hope so.

So, what is to be done about “Crooked Hillary” and her acolytes of criminal abetters and co-conspirators, including those at the FBI and DoJ management levels? Keep in mind that when Clinton’s used a special tool to “bleach” or “scrub” her email server to ensure nothing could ever be found on it again, was an intentional act considered obstructing justice by concealing evidence of a crime. Oh woe!

Former FBI Director Comey abetted her crime with the assistance of Loretta Lynch (and others), FBI special agent Peter Strzok, and exposed them as deep state Clinton partisans. Special Agent Strzok’s conduct was especially egregious as he even edited Comey’s public remarks by removing the offending two words, “grossly negligent,” as it pertained to Hillary’s illegal handling of government documents entrusted to her care.

Hillary’s campaign, and that includes her DNC staffers, realizing that Trump could actually win, launched their full court press, Trump-Russia media campaign, to tie Putin and Trump together in the public’s eye as collaborators to deny Hillary Clinton her high office. The Democrat establishment, and that especially means Hillary Clinton, figured the best way to hide the fact that Hillary and Russia were in cahoots, was to shift the idea that it was actually Trump instead. That explains the Russian Lawyer meeting Trump Jr., their claims Gen. Flynn conspired with the Russian ambassador and whatever else they could make stick.

We’re a full year past the election and the Clinton/DNC campaign to destroy Trump is in tatters. Isn’t it time she go to trial at last? The only remaining question is when is the DoJ and the FBI really going to start their necessary investigation into Clinton and the Obama Administration? We’re waiting. Opening that Pandora’s Box should really be enlightening.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!

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