Every day, we all are faced with making choices. Some are automatic like a shave and shower and tying our shoes, but the really hard ones, what to wear, what to have for breakfast and how to avoid work that day, actually requires some thought process. Others are made easy for us like the News Media that expects us to swallow what they tell us as the truth, even when it isn’t. Like Pavlov’s dog, they expect us to respond accordingly, so long as it advances the Left’s agenda. 

Politically, the tawdry display by the degenerate Socialist party USA (Democrats) at this weeks Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, including by two potential Democrat contenders for Trumps job, both Marxists, is scary to even contemplate let alone consider seriously as even possible.

Two Democrat hopefuls for POTUS sitting on the Senate Judicial Committee, Cory Booker and Kamala Harris, demonstrated their complete lack of comity, decency, integrity, respect and statesmanship to question their bonafides even to be US Senators. Both were incredibly disrespectful with their constant ‘showboating’ interruptions, that, combined with the other Socialist nimrods on the committee who behaved as disrespectfully, then our choices for political leaders should be easy. Immediately Sen. Grassley opened the hearing, they came on him like a swarm of locusts attacking a wheat field. What we saw was a Democrat version of how ‘democracy’ should work. We do have choices, don’t we?  

The Socialist Democrat party wants us to accept that America is a ‘democracy’ when it clearly is not. The word Democracy is found nowhere in our Constitution. Presently, the deranged socialists, still distraught that Trump beat Hillary for the grand prize, are now demanding a referendum to change the election process for President from the Electoral to a popular vote. 

That’s pure democracy, leadership by popular choice, follow the mob, do what the crowd wants, “It’s what the people want!” Of course such a change would leave the selection of our President forever in the hands of the illiterate, unwashed, illegal voters in America’s great sanctuary cities and states like San Francisco, California, Portland Oregon, Seattle, Washington, Florida and New York City, hot beds of progressivism, petri dishes in which foment the germs of Marxism.

If you watched any of the Democrat circus performance at the hearings of the Senate Judicial Committee on the nomination of Judge Kavanaugh then, unless you are a complete Marxist in heart, mind, body and soul, any thought of voting for any democrat in this mid-term election, should have been washed away. In fact, Senator Lindsey Graham came to the defense of circuses with this comment: “I want to defend the circus. Circuses are entertaining and you can take your children to them”.

It turns out, and confirmed by Democrat Senator Dick Durbin no less, that the disruption of the hearings had been indeed been orchestrated by Chuckie Schumer. Well, who would have believed it? The spectators who trumpeted their orchestrated outrage and were dragged out screaming their socialist nonsense, were there by invitation and required tickets to get in, issued to them by Democrat Senators. When asked, Schumer said Democrats even wrestled over staging a mass walkout on the Kavanaugh nomination hearing. Maybe they should have done it. Isn’t it better to be thought a class of fools than stay there and remove all doubt? 

What we see is that the Democrats cannot derail the Kavanaugh confirmation. He is going to the Supreme Court and they can’t stomach it. Worse, they worry that Trump may get a third and even a forth choice during his remaining six years. It’s our choice!

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!

Image: (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)