The Chinese Communist Takeover of America is Well Underway

by | Feb 25, 2021 |

What if I told you that a Marxist infiltration of every aspect of American life has been taking place and that it’s been underway for decades, would you believe me? If I was even more specific and said that the Chinese Communist Party was primarily behind it, would you believe that as well? If I told you that our educational institutions, our colleges and universities, high schools, and even elementary schools were targets for Marxist indoctrination, would you believe that?

Well to not believe it would be at your own peril. The facts are that the Communist Chinese have been infiltrating our country for decades. Chinese intelligence agents are working overtime trying to steal our technology, our government, and military secrets, but more importantly, they have been and continue to be operating as agents of influence.

Popular culture has become a useful tool for the Communist Chinese to use. Much of our society revolves around what we see on television, in movies, and what we listen to. Sadly, far too many people, especially young people, take at face value anything they see on the internet, in social media, or the pronouncements of popular entertainment figures.

Unions have been infiltrated as well to the point that they no longer exist to protect the rights of and benefit American trades and workers but to support a leftist political agenda instead.

The Communist Chinese have been subtlety indoctrinating young impressionable minds here on school campuses all across America with their Marxist ideology. An effort that’s been underway for years. And an effort that has met with a great deal of success, considering the level of self-loathing about America that they have been able to instill in a great many of America’s youths for a couple of generations now.

American youth have been taught to hate our founding fathers and to view our Constitution and other founding documents as impediments to achieving a promised Marxist Utopia.

An ideology that they were fed while attending classes at American universities by Marxist indoctrinated professors. Despising the very country that has provided them the freedom to enjoy all of the modern conveniences that those same students and professors rely upon and have grown accustomed to. (Most are being made in China, much with slave labor by the way).

All across America statues of military leaders, former presidents, and our founding fathers are being defaced and torn down, schools are being renamed. A full-scale assault on our history and national heritage has been underway for decades but has kicked into overdrive in more recent years. The ‘Cancel culture’ is fully engaged and nothing is immune. All part of the Communist Chinese effort to undermine and overthrow our country from within.

After all, it’s much easier to recruit followers to your cause if you are able to establish a false impression and create internal dissension by pitting traditional patriots who love America while recognizing her faults and past mistakes, against others who see America as nothing but an oppressive nation founded on slavery and ethnic cleansing.

Creating a false narrative that America is systemically racist, white supremacist, and a hateful nation is just one part of a multifaceted effort undertaken by the Communist Chinese regime to destroy our country.

Indeed, the Communist Chinese have been hard at work and they are quite satisfied with their level of success so far. Particularly now that they have the political party and leaders in control of our government that is especially malleable to the Chinese strategy.

Over the next two years, they will increase their attacks against us, intending to take full advantage before the 2022 elections. Keep the pressure up and don’t allow your adversary to catch their breath is all part of the Chinese plan.

If Republicans can gain back control of even part of the government they can implement some roadblocks into the Chinese achieving their goals. And believe me, the Chinese feel very close to completing their takeover of this country. They can almost taste it. They will not be letting up the pressure.

We certainly have our work cut out for us. But education is the key. The more Americans know and understand what’s going on the better our chances of fending off the assault on America. The Chinese have no intention of giving up, so we have to fight back.

This is America after all, an idea worth fighting for.

Del Wilber
Del Wilber

Del is a former under cover employee of the Central Intelligence Agency serving overseas in Eastern and Western Europe, and the Middle East. He currently does consulting work in counterterrorism and writes columns, as well as appears as a guest on a number of programs.

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18 days ago

Biden is on the take with the communist Chinese. Even if he weren’t already a criminal and wanted to get away from them he couldn’t. They OWN Boden and his family. He sold out a long, long time ago. Biden has already committed high treason and violated his oath of office. But he was never eligible to run for any office in the U.S. anyway since he committed a felony in the Ukraine and against the U.S.

Since Biden has opened up our borders all kinds of invaders are coming in, diseased and otherwise. Pregnant Chinese come in, stay in group homes, then deliver their anchor babies at American taxpayer expense. They also invite all their relatives and friends to invade. Murdering muslim terrorists are flooding in as well. In addition, each muslim has multiple wives and children. We taxpayers, including our disabled who live in pain 24/7, are being forced against our will to pay for the INVASION of our own country! Commiecrats give free food, housing, cell phones, medical and dental care, education, and $750/month cash to each illegal. In addition, they pay by the head for each baby they spew forth. We don’t need zero immigration, we NEED NEGATIVE IMMIGRATION!!!

Uncle Joe Didn’t Tax Corporations; He Just Taxed You!

Uncle Joe Didn’t Tax Corporations; He Just Taxed You!

Why hide the tax on you? Because when you can see a direct link between a higher price and the higher tax, you will be angry. Remember the Boston Tea Party? Why were the colonists upset? Because taxing the tea meant the colonists paid more for their cup of tea. The British Parliament attempted to hide the tax by taxing the tea producers, who passed it on to consumers…

Vaccine Passports, Bio-political Warfare, and Total Control

Vaccine Passports, Bio-political Warfare, and Total Control

The goal of the World Economic Forum is global control. It’s the Chinese Communist Party’s goal too. Who’s going to prevail in that struggle? The essence of individual liberty, possession of private property, and freedom of movement, all hallmarks of a free society, will be swept away along with other Constitutional Liberties. Vaccine passports, ie: the Commons Project, will ensure it…

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The visual observation of the defendant’s premises from a helicopter did not constitute a search under the Fourth Amendment.” This led to the Maxon’s appealing the trial court’s decision. In general, courts do not consider something a search, if the item observed, was in plain view, the idea being that if you expected something to be private, you would not have put it where it was publicly visible…

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U.S. Automakers Race to China due to Vital Rare Earth Dependence

Tesla Inc. kicked off production of its first vehicle manufactured outside the U.S. in its new $2 billion Shanghai, China factory. GM, China’s second-biggest foreign automaker, is aiming to offer four models: Chevrolet’s Tahoe and Suburban, Cadillac’s Escalade, and the GMC Yukon Denali. Ford announced plans last January to manufacture its Mustang Mach-E, an all-electric SUV, in China…

The Decline of the American Republic

The Decline of the American Republic

Most of the aforementioned had been achieved under Trump, despite all attempts by Democrats and their media stooges to derail them, until China unleashed the Coronavirus to destroy America’s economic and job successes. Why would any American fall for the current blatant lies of Joe Biden, Pelosi, and the fake media…

What’s With This “Kinder and Gentler” Immigration Business?

What’s With This “Kinder and Gentler” Immigration Business?

For Republicans, the growing home building industry, where cheap labor (illegals) will sorely be needed, has the opened spigot of tax money they can share in as well, and maybe they can blame the Democrats. We can see the manipulative hand of big business capitalists of the New World Order crowd salivating at the prospects of a One World Government with them in charge…

Our Rights Come From God, Not the Government

Our Rights Come From God, Not the Government

If Godly principles, good education, and our national documents are no longer taught and adhered to, then our present national condition is what will occur. Can we recover from our current national dilemma? Yes! But it begins with us. We must say no to the evil being thrust upon us and tell those trying to turn the United States into a permanent Godless dictatorship that our…

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