This week's episode of POLICE RADIO THE VOICE OF AMERICAN LAW ENFORCEMENT includes an in depth interview the the President of the National Sheriffs Association, Sheriff Gregory Champagne. The long serving Sheriff of the St. Charles Parish Louisiana Sheriff's Office candidly discusses Law Enforcement in America, from the affects that the Obama White House and Department of Justice has had on the nations officers to future trends in training, and officers safety. Sheriff Champagne allows the listener insight into the often misunderstood differences in the leadership of Sheriffs and Chiefs of Police and how innovations in “community engagement” are changing the landscape of police and community relationships.

Your Host Randy Sutton reads a “POLICE STORY” written by a retired Los Angeles Police Officer and in his “VIEW FROM THE BLUE”, gives his unvarnished opinion about the mainstream media's biased coverage of the the clearing of any charges against Charlotte-Mecklensburg Police Officer Brentley Vinson in the shooting death of the armed suspect Kieth Scott.

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