Bullying is an epidemic. It is rampant, widespread, pervasive and the effects can be catastrophic. It occurs in our communities, in our schools – and sadly – even in our homes. Bullying statistics are staggering, scary and merit serious consideration and immediate action.

In this show my guest, Rachel Weinstock, an elementary school teacher, artist and motivational speaker, speaks on how she was bullied from elementary school into adulthood. She has been teaching both internationally and with the Toronto District School Board for over 15 years. She is known as “Miss Rainbow Fairy” to thousands of kids because of her alternative approach to education. Rachel is on a mission speaking to educators, parents and caring adults about how to create emotionally safe and empowering spaces both in the classroom and beyond!

Bullying is an epidemic that requires a lot of attention especially in the school system.

Consider the following:

Facts and Statistics

  • 90% of students in grades 4-8 report have been harassed or bullied.
  • 28% of students in grades 6-12 experience bullying.
  • 20% of students in grates 9-12 experience bullying. (stopbullying.gov)
  • In grades 6-12, 9% of students have experienced cyberbulling.
  • Over 160,000 kids refuse to go to school each day for fear of being bullied. (Nation Education Association)
  • 70.6% of students report having witnessed bullying in their school–and over 71% say bullying is a problem.
  • Over 10% of students who drop out of school do so due to being bullied repeatedly.
  • Each month 282,000 students are physically assaulted in some way in secondary schools throughout the United States–and the number is growing.
  • Statistics suggest that revenge [due to bullying] is the number one motivator for school shootings in the U.S.
  • 86% of students surveyed said, “other kids picking on them, making fun of them or bullying them” is the number one reason that teenagers turn to lethal violence at school.
  • Nearly 75% of school shootings have been linked to harassment and bullying.
  • 87% of students surveyed report that bullying is the primary motivator school shootings.
  • 64% of students who are bullied do not report it. (Petrosina, Guckenburg, Devoe and Hanson 2010) National Center for Education Statistics and Bureau of Justice Statistics

Listen as Ms. Weinstock shares some of the impact of trauma has had on her life and also how she took her greatest pain and turned it into her greatest gift for the world.

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