In spite of their sweeping political influence, The Bullies of Silicon Valley suffered a crushing defeat in 2016. 

But Now, Silicon Valley is doubling down and is, once again, laying big money and their unlimited resources towards returning the Radical Socialists Democrats to the White House. 

Naivety to this fact is exactly what they desire in their quest to suppress anyone and anything that threatens their agenda.

Congress is weak and blind to this threat to our Constitutional Republic, a Republic which is built upon the threshold of Freedom of Speech.

They hatched the egg, gave them exemptions, and now watch idly by, as these tech giants morph into suppression mongers with the click of their terms of service. They have more influence than Uncle Sam and his allies.

One by One…. Nationalist Patriots have been silenced.

Suppressed and thought slaughtered – as if it was by bayonet.

They use algorithms and stealth computer language concocted by twisted techies to silence the voices of those Americans they disagree with. 

It’s time the 70 Million freedom supporters make their voice known in DC. Time to March on the 4th of July.

Because after all… Bullies are simply cowards in disguise.

Love…RayRay and a Poem.

Ode to a Twitmo employee

This is your Mission
So you’re income takes flight
Apply all your tech knowledge
You must examine each byte

Look for each word
That a Conservative might use
It’s the heart of our Mission
Code name “Suppression abuse”

If you see the word Trump
Flag it at once
If it shows him support
Give it the thump

A word such a Hate
Deserves our response
If it opposes a liberal
Suspend them at once

Put them in Jail
Tie down their hands
We must limit their reach
That’s the heart of our plan

People like Griffin
AOC and Ilan
Sprinkle with Stardust
From our algorithmic wand

Don’t respond to their email
Nor address their concern
Send out the terms of our service
Let’s hope they crash and then burn

Anything starting with Q
Trigger the servers to shout
That seventeenth letter
Toss immediately out

We don’t want the truth
To appear on our list
Remember 2020 is coming
And your evaluation’s at risk

Written by RayRay 3/12/19©️