Unless you follow conservative news sources, you likely haven’t heard about Brian Sims, a Democrat representative of Pennsylvania, whose obnoxious bullying of elderly women and teenage girls sparked criticism recently (among conservatives).

Sims, a self-proclaimed “Little Mermaid enthusiast,” filmed himself harassing and intimidating peaceful protesters who dared to exercise their first amendment rights in front of his local Planned Parenthood. In Sims’ mind, if you believe that human babies should have rights, you must be publically shamed and derided.

In one video, for over eight minutes, he can be seen screaming and belittling the race of an elderly woman quietly praying for women and children. In another video he confronts teenagers to yell at them for praying and offers $100 if anyone is able to identify them.

Brian Sims is a fanatical bully and coward. In addition, he’s not very smart, seeing as how he put his own despicable antics on display for the entire world to behold. But he’s also a Democrat, so he’ll be perfectly fine.

Indeed, the “Democrat” political label is like a magic invisibility cloak. You can be as vile and hateful as you want but, as long as you’re a Democrat, apparently nobody in the Leftist media can see you. It’s remarkable!

Despite the fact that literally tens of thousands of people were tweeting about Sims’ bullying, and despite the fact that a giant Pro-life rally was planned within a day as a result of Sims’ bullying, there is radio silence among Leftists in the media. It didn’t even trend on Twitter despite all the attention it got.

Just for fun, let’s use our imaginations. Imagine that Sims is a Republican instead of a Democrat. And instead of peaceful pro-life activists, let’s imagine that the people he bullied are pro-abortion feminists. How do you think that would go?

It would be the number one trending topic on Twitter for days. Feminists on CNN would be exploding in outrage over this story. Leftists would be writing op-eds about how toxic masculinity is going to kill us all.

Not only that, but Brian Sims would likely be forced to resign. His Twitter and Facebook accounts would be suspended or even permanently banned. He would be the punchline of all the jokes on the late-night comedy shows.

Instead, because Sims is a Democrat, only conservatives are highlighting this story. He will most likely get to keep his job and social media accounts. Everyone will forget about it, move on, and he’ll continue being an abusive bully without ever being held accountable.

This is the double standard on the Left and in the mainstream media. But it’s actually worse than that: people on the Right don’t even need to do anything to be publically shamed and destroyed in the media.

Indeed, all that people on the Right have to do to earn the Leftist media scorn is to wear a MAGA hat and nervously smile when a Native American protestor bangs his drum in their face. All someone on the Right needs to do is be a successful judge who happened to be nominated by a Republican President. All someone on the Right needs to do is to win an election as a Republican.

Thank God for conservative news sources that highlight the stories that will never be covered by the mainstream Leftist media. Conservative news sources might not have as much money or influence (by their standards) as the mainstream Leftist media, but at least we have them. And as long as some people continue to love the truth, they will seek it out.