This week on POLICE RADIO, The Voice of American Law Enforcement, Lieutenant Randy Sutton has a powerful interview on “The Blue March On Washington D.C.” with Kelly Wince, a police wife and the founder of UNITED FOR BLUE, a grass roots organization out to change the perceptions of police. United for Blue is a non-profit organization, dedicated to increasing Support for All Law Enforcement Officers, by uniting them with the communities they serve through education, outreach programs and events. You can connect with them on Facebook.

On December 20, 2014, when the two New York Officers, Officer Wenjian Liu and Officer Rafael Ramos, were shot and killed, Kelly Wince and Bobbie Padgett decided they had enough of the disrespect towards our law enforcement and began to organize their first rally in Washington, DC. United for Blue began with their first rally on January 17, 2015. Over 1000 people were in attendance and guest speakers that included Craig Floyd, CEO NLEOMF, Terrance Gainer, 38th Sergeant at Arms and several survivors. The rally began at the National Law Enforcement Officer’s Memorial and they marched to the West Terrace of the Capitol. After United for Blue’s first rally, it was decided they needed to do more, holding additional rallies in Annapolis, Maryland and Richmond Virginia.

In addition Randy gives his VIEW FROM THE BLUE about the Cities, States and Federal wholesale release of inmates back onto the streets of our country. This weeks segment of POLICE STORY has host Randy Sutton reading a dramatic story from his book “A Cop's Life: True Stories from the Heart Behind the Badge”.