The definitions of nationhood may well vary, but at the very least we may all agree that a nation is something beyond a random collection of people occupying a certain geographic area or polity. To be a nation, people must share at least some axes of commonality. These axes may include things like language, ethnicity, race, religion, fundamental political beliefs, and an agreed upon history, a belief in a founding myth, one may call it.

Above all else, people who make up a nation must be proud of its achievements. They must believe that while not perfect, their nation is fundamentally good, that its contributions to humanity accrue, at the end of the day, to the positive side of the ledger.

Based on these criteria, has there ever been an American Nation? The answer to that question is yes. Does this nation still exist today? The answer to that question is yet unclear.

There existed an American nation because within the changing geographic boundaries of a polity known as the United States of America there lived people who shared, in their vast majority, the following things: ethnicity (European, mostly Northern), race (Caucasian), language (English), religion (Christianity in various forms), and fundamental political beliefs (reverence for the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence). Most importantly, the vast majority of Americans strongly believed in the goodness of America; they believed that while often far from perfect, America since its creation in 1776 had been an unambiguous force for good both inside and outside of its borders.

Today, these statements are no longer true. Within the borders of the USA now live people who have little if anything in common with each other. Not a single axis of commonality yet holds. English is at best a second language for most Americans living in places like Miami and El-Paso. Christians have become a persecuted minority and the major Christian denominations have succumbed to the teachings of the neo-bolshevik mob. Americans no longer overwhelmingly share either ethnicity or race and most know nothing about America’s founding documents other than that they were written by genocidal racists. 

As to the fundamental goodness of America, we now see that most American politicians, representing the majority of Americans, believe that America has done far more evil than good throughout its 244 year history and are busy erasing all symbols of this history from America’s public square.

And yes, I am quite happy to defend my assertion as to the majority of Americans holding these views. If you don’t believe me, please point me in the direction of any politician active today who is willing to defend, on the record, the patriotism, before and after the Civil War, of the leaders of the Confederacy. None exist. And yet, these Confederate leaders, be they Robert E. Lee or Jefferson Davis, were true American patriots who held views that were inline with those held by all people of European descent around the globe at that time. While there were certainly many people at that time who thought of slavery as both evil and outdated, very few whites if any considered people of African descent to be in all things equal to those of European origin. I might add, coincidentally, that these same people did not consider Jews, Arabs, or Japanese to have been their equals either.

In truth, the borders of the USA now hold within them at least two nations, maybe more. The old American nation yet survives in pockets of small-town and rural America, but the cities have seen the rise of a new nation, a nation I call PoC. This is a nation that defines itself by exclusion rather than inclusion; it excludes people who are of European origin, i.e. white, and people who are either Christian or Jewish. It also excludes anyone who loves America in the way that it was founded. So if you are a hater of America and have elevated levels of melanin in your skin, you are a part of the new PoC nation.

This new nation coalesced around definition by negation of ethnic and racial belonging: non-European and non-white, and by negation of ideology: non-American, or rather anti-American. Interestingly, it also arose around the negation of religion: non-Judeo-Christian, i.e, Muslim. In fact, Islam has become the national religion of the PoC nation and converting to Islam has become a way of joining this nation for those who oterwise would not normally be eligible to do so. Just in the way that someone of, say, Chinese ethnicity can become Jewish by converting to Judaism, a white person can become PoC by converting to Islam, as long as the conversion is accompanied by exemplary zeal and is not merely “for show”.

Normally, the bifurcation of the American nation into its original part and a new part called PoC would not be as one would say a “bad thing”, but there’s a catch. The problem is that the PoC nation, having defined itself as the photographic negative of the American one, cannot coexist with it in the same geographic space. These two nations are like matter and antimatter; they annihilate each other wherever they come into contact, an annihilation that is accompanied, just as a matter-antimatter reaction would be, by a significant and uncontrollable release of deadly energy. 

There are many sad aspects to this state of affairs, but perhaps the saddest of them all is that far from all non-European Americans have any desire to leave the American nation and join PoC. Many African Americans, for example, are very proud of American history and the essential role that they and their ancestors had played in it and are playing yet today. The same goes for members of every other ethnic minority in America.

Alas, historical processes are driven by the extremes rather than the middle, by hysteria rather than by common sense. This is especially true when much is at stake and there had never been more at stake in the course of human history than with the fall of the American nation.

This nation and the country it had built hold within them by far the greatest accumulation of wealth that had ever existed on the planet and now that both are teetering on the verge of collapse, everyone wants a piece.

The last time that these conditions existed was over a century ago when two once great but now outdated empires, the Ottoman and the Austro-Hungarian were on their respective deathbeds. It took a world war to sort out the spoils, a sorting out that still defines our world today and one that had eliminated an entire generation of European men as well as hundreds of thousands of Americans. America’s riches and its political influence far outstrip the combined power and wealth of the two empires that disappeared in WWI, a fact that makes it all but impossible to see how America can be peacefully divided between the two nations that it is now hosting. 

Even if, by some remote chance, the vestigial American nation and the new PoC one wanted to amicably separate, foreign interests, particularly Chinese and Russian, but also European, would not allow that to happen, They are already doing all that they can to make sure that the two American nations are at each other’s throats and they will only redouble their efforts.

The prophets of the Old Testament, be they, like Amos, in the northern kingdom of Israel or like Jeremiah in the southern kingdom of Judah, clearly foresaw the destruction of their respective homes by the unstoppable forces of history far beyond the ken of the two little kingdoms. The decline of Egypt and the rise of the Babylonian and Assyrian empires made that outcome all but inevitable. The old prophets harbored no illusions as to what would happen and neither did they try to sugar-coat the warnings that they had given to kings and shepherds alike. Nevertheless, they often finished their prophecies for my people, the Jews, with the promise of an eventual deliverance, a deliverance that took two millennia to come about.

Unlike them, I, your humble servant, do not possess the gift of divine vision and I cannot see beyond what my own eyes can show me. Hence I can offer you no comfort of prophesying an eventual happy ending, but I can encourage you to look around you with open eyes and do what you must to survive.