The Gates Foundation is funding a campaign to “end world hunger” by promoting GMO technology, the organization has hired 400 “science ambassadors” to influence agricultural policy in 35 countries, donating $15 Million to Campaign pushing GMOs on small Farmers around the world.

Feeding the world’s population is an honorable profession, yet, when you have the Godfathers of Eugenics involved on farmlands across America and on foreign third world soil, partnered by the likes of Monsanto and the United Nations, you know there is a deeply rooted and nefarious agenda.

Scientists have discovered the adverse long time health risks with eating GMO’s, and the human bodies inabilities to digest this fake food source, but probably the most devastating crime of all is the fact that GMO foods will sterilize and change the structure of human and animal DNA.

The mission statements and narratives are written to confuse those in search of hope, wolves in sheep’s clothing, herding their cattle to the slaughter and the end game is to sterilize the population by the year of 2030? Why else are these entities doing business with global governments and private corporations?

It’s no secret that Bill Gates and his Father are proponents of Eugenics and hence the reason for them to provide third world countries with genetically modified foods for sterilization of the masses because they don’t believe impoverished nations should procreate. The people in these countries are not science experiments of Meta-Trans-humans and don’t deserve to be treated as such.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Organization hired 400 science ambassadors to influence agricultural policy in 35 countries as they claim to “end world hunger” by promoting GMO technology to the tune of 15 million dollars to two global campaigns, both campaigns are headquartered out of Cornell University, and Americans wonder why our children’s minds are so apathetically indoctrinated by the likes of eugenics oriented billionaires and philanthropists.

The Gates Foundation’s website states that “All Lives Have Equal Value, We are impatient optimists working to reduce inequity,” they state, “WE KNOW, our resources alone are not enough so we work to change public policies, attitudes, and behaviors to improve lives. We partner with governments and the public and the private sector’s and foster greater public awareness of urgent global issues.

“Alliance for Science” was the first GMO partnership, created in 2014 with $12 million from the Gates Foundation, the second GMO partnership formed was “Ceres 2030” as in agriculture agenda 2030, with a price tag of $ 3 million. Created in 2018, to help the United Nations foster it’s goal of zero hunger by 2030.

According to Cornell University, the funding for the Alliance for Science will be used “to ensure broad access to agricultural innovation, especially among small farmers in developing nations”, hiring nearly 400 science advocates to promote the gospel of GMO’s in 35 countries.

They drive the narrative of the “urgent situation” regarding food security and the fact that many countries are experiencing agricultural damage caused by the environment. It’s no secret that Monsanto has taken over the worlds agriculture business with it’s weaponized agenda 21/30.

The Alliance has built a science allied force of more than 9,000, representing more than half of the world’s countries and every state in the U.S. The Gates Foundation started the Ceres 2030 campaign, naming it after the Roman goddess of agriculture, this non-profit will advise the United Nations on which investments and policies to make in order to achieve it’s goal of “Zero hunger by 2030”.

World renowned environmental leader and ecologist Dr. Vandana Shiva expresses concerns that Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft Corporation, is a partner of “a poison cartel of three” -Monsanto and Bayer, Syngenta and ChemChina, Dow and DuPont, all of whom allegedly have “roots in Hitler’s Germany and finding chemicals to kill people”. Watch video here.

Dr. Shiva asserts that Bill Gates, one of the world’s biggest IT giants, did not invent anything, that his Basic program “was made by some mathematics professors in a college”, and that the “Office operating system was by a software engineer, and he bought it for $50,000, and that he organized to “build an empire by creating patents on software”.

Being a recipient of the Alternative Nobel Peace Prize, the Right Livelihood Award, says, the “war on cash” was announced at a time when 90% of India’s economy is cash, overnight, everyone lost their lifetime savings and she attributes Bill Gates of being behind the “Demonetization” effort to get cash banned in India in November 2016 and states that everyone was made vulnerable and everyone was made poor.

Dr. Shiva contends that Gates started putting a percentage of his earnings into philanthropy and through appearing to being generous on the outside, there was a madness to his mission, that “every place he gives to is his former future markets”, and one of them is the “first generation of (GMOs) genetically modified organisms, the Bt cotton, the Roundup Ready soy and Roundup Ready corn”, which have started to breed superpests and superweeds.” She claims now they’re trying to get new GMOs based on gene drives and gene editing.

Bill Gates is financing the research in gene editing and created a company for the patents called “Editas”. Gates will collect rents when the gene editing is pushed through.

Dr. Shiva elaborates that in the United States, half of the farmlands are over taken by superweeds, the most important is that of “Palmer amaranth, considered a sacred crop, and at this present time, the US Defense system DARPA and Gates have partnered together for this new technology called gene drives to push species to extinction, wanting to drive the amaranth to extinction. She’s concerned about the food insecurity impact it will have on India.

Knowing Gates is further pushing his GMO campaigns in Africa, through the Alliance for the Green Revolution in Africa, pushing patents on seeds and against the laws, the very sovereign laws that countries like India have created.

Dr. Shiva indicates that Gates follows in the footsteps of Monsantos and Bayers, and a world of agriculture without farmers, farming without farmers, weaponized farming with drones and spyware in tractors, farms filled with robots and artificial intelligence, she also drives another important point across stating that not only are people being killed, yet butterflies, bees and pollinators are being destroyed. The natural order of all things in agriculture are dying off.

According to Dr. Shiva, Monsanto is illegally collecting royalties via Indian see companies, despite the fact that it’s Bt cotton seed does not have a patent, and that the price of seed rose 80,000%, she suggests that this is the main reason why 310,000 Indian Farmers have committed suicide. Monsanto controls 99% of the cotton seed with a prima facie monopoly.

Monsanto sued the Indian farmers, using patent law, infringement, in their attempt to knock down India’s law, they failed, and alleging that the Indian Media is complicit in the hands of the poison cartel for lying to the Indian people.

Dr. Shiva contends that Monsanto which was bought out by Bayer last year, is making Zyklon B, the very gas that was used to kill millions in concentration camps, and Hitler’s Germany, They were part of IG Farben. IG Farben was the cartel that was tried in Nuremberg, one of Bayer’s inventions is heroin.

“Modern Technology owes ecology an apology.” ~ Alan M. Eddison

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