With the recent death of California Police Officer Ronil Singh, once again at the hands of another illegal alien, we see firsthand a clear example of the need for increased border security and stricter immigration enforcement that President Trump has been calling for.

Instead of calling for the abolishment of ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) as Democrats have been doing, we should be stepping up efforts to deport all illegal aliens from America, particularly those engaged in criminal and gang activity. They broke the law getting here, they should not be rewarded.

Build a wall on the border? Hell, we need to build a wall, a fence, minefields, a moat filled with alligators, something, ANYTHING! But something most definitely needs to be done to stop the mayhem being committed against Americans daily by illegal aliens. Most walking around freely as a result of Democrats being more concerned about votes, then they are about the safety of American citizens.

The blood of Officer Singh, along with the blood of Kate Steinle in San Francisco, Mollie Tibbets, and many, many more all stain the hands of Democrats. They have shown us over and over that they simply put politics above all else, including American lives. If Democrats think they can squeeze out a single vote from a particular interest group, then the cost in American lives is worth it as far as they are concerned. American lives apparently are considered ‘acceptable sacrifices’ as long as Democrats can gain or maintain their hold on power.

As they assume control of the U.S. House of Representatives Democrats have indicated that one of their priorities will be to try to disarm Americans through stricter gun control laws. 

Further limiting Americans’ ability to defend themselves from the criminals illegally living in our communities. Criminals invited into America by the Democrats unwillingness to work with President Trump on building a border wall, or creating effective legislation to fix our broken immigration system.

Caravan after caravan from Central American countries will continue to embark on a dangerous trip across Mexico headed towards what they know will be government handouts, free medical care, and ultimately residency in the United States. All on the backs of American taxpayers.

Democrats also understand that a helpless public is a compliant public. With no means of resisting government oppression because of Democrat gun control legislation, Americans will be forced to capitulate to complete government control of their lives. Something Democrats have long sought. A populace who will merely comply with Democrat dictates, unable to object to anything the Democrats may want to inflict upon us.

Speaking of inflicting, under eight years of the Obama Administration Americans saw every deviancy ‘normalized’ and forced upon them. Particularly in the military. An organization whose sole purpose is to protect and defend the United States became a social engineering laboratory for the Obama Democrats. Thus weakening our military readiness and its’ ability to do the job of defending America. Defending America was no longer was the priority for Democrats. Allowing anyone to use whatever bathroom they chose and play ‘dress up’ was what was more important to them.

With the election of President Trump the Democrats stepped up their efforts even more by trying to undo the election results in 2016 when their favored candidate Hillary Clinton, the most corrupt, dishonest, and despicable politician in American history to ever run for the Office of President of the United States lost to her Republican opponent.

Of all the threats facing our nation from outside our borders, which indeed are many, perhaps the biggest threat that we face is from within our borders. Democrats have proven over and over that they truly are enemies of the state. And they constitute the biggest threat our nation has faced in our over two hundred year history.

Hopefully the damage they inflict over the next two years will be controlled by Republicans in the Senate and by President Trump. And hopefully Americans will come to realize once and for all that the Democrats present the most clear and present danger our republic has ever faced.

Image: (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)