Corruption is an art form in Washington D.C. Researchers found that corruption leads to — you guessed it — more corruption. Why? Because it breeds a climate of mistrust. People who don’t trust their governments are less likely to participate politically to fix them. Perhaps this is why we have so many people on the sidelines refusing to get involved in the game of politics. All of this got Malcolm thinking that we need to identify these thieves and crooked politicians and call them out for what they are – DICKHEADS.

“So, I asked the question on social media: Why does Washington DC attract some of the biggest dickheads on the planet? Just below you’ll find many of those reactions. In the mean time, I have you covered with a great roundup of dickheads. You’ll also hear from a couple of patriots who chime in on our quest to identify the biggest and baddest dickhead of them all.” – Malcolm Out Loud

Ava Armstrong is a political commentator, analyst and author who writes about the everyday men and women. Brian Gould served in the U.S Army and U.S. Special Forces for over three decades; he works with the Department of Defense.

Serious Question – I’m doing a show regarding dickheads tomorrow. So who is the biggest dickhead in Washington DC?

– Adam Schiff, Chuckie Shumer, Maxine Waters, Sheila Jackson Lee

– Mad Maxine Waters, What a Mouth! 

– Adam Schiff, Democrat Psycho Criminal

– Don’t go too far left, when the right has some gargantuan dickheads. Not to name names Lindsey Graham SC.

– So many..but to the point of being ignorant and thinking your smart kinda Dickhead… SWALLWELL

– Throw a dart (target) 

– Adam Schiff 

– Schumer 

– Schumer Schiff Pelosi Nadler

– #ShiftySchiffFullOfSchiff Rep Adam Schiff

– Adam Schiff

– Democrats

– Fauci, Schiff, Gates, Obama, Cuomo, Pelosi, Nadler, Schumer

– That award First place medal has to go to Sen Schumer

– Schiff

– He looks like a balloon on a string with that pencil neck lol

– Pelosi, hands down!!!!!

– Toss up between Crying Chunky and pencil neck Shifty Scoff

– All roads lead to the Progressive Puppet Pelosi, biggest DH of them all!

– Schifty Schiff

– Adam Schiff is about the biggest! Such a BIG Lier 

– Then there is James Comey!

– Can’t leave out the BIGGEST of all! Peter Strzok, I changed my mind, he WINS!

– Nancy Pelosi is DC’s biggest #DickHead

– Adam Pencilneck Schiff-for-brains

– Does Obama still own a home there.? If so he’s your man.

– Too hard to pick just one there is so many


– liddle adam pencil neck shiff needs harassment ,

– Michelle Obama

– Chuck Schumer Is A Dickhead. So Is Nadler. And Don’t forget Wiener.

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