Not since the struggle between Queen Mary of Scotts And Queen Elizabeth of England has there been such a monumental war to determine the direction of a civilization. Queen Mary was of the very oppressive Catholic persuasion of that era. She believed the concept of literally preventing the citizens from reading the Bible and seeking a direct relationship with our creator. It was the Word of God in the Holy Bible, which gave the inspiration for the concepts of Liberty and Unalienable Rights. Queen Elizabeth was a Protestant believer who at least partially understood that people had rights that were beyond the absolute rule of the monarchy. 

Much has been written in recent years to try to dismiss the fact that our great republic was founded upon the biblical principles of Judeo-Christian values. But all the revisionism can not and will not change the self evident truths. One should examine the original writings, personal correspondence, biographies, and public statements of the individuals who were instrumental in the Founding of the United States. If you do, you will find an abundance of quotations showing the extent to which their thinking and their lives were influenced by a Christian worldview.  

The vast majority of the Founders were Christians. But even those who were not Christians were deeply influenced by the astounding principles of Christianity. We can get so stupidly distracted, wondering whether Benjamin Franklin or Thomas Jefferson ever put their personal faith in Jesus Christ. In doing so, we miss the extremely important fact that almost every single Founding Father thought and governed from a biblical perspective, whether or not they directly embraced Jesus Christ as their personal savior. The fact is, all of the Founders, fought valiantly to build our republic upon the bedrock of proven and self evident truths they knew that if followed, the United States would be a blessed and mighty republic.  

The valiant founders of the United States clearly understood that if true liberty were to be our national standard, those opposed to liberty and justice for all had to be soundly defeated. 

Once our nation was established, great men like Thomas Jefferson warned that the battle for liberty would never end. For just as darkness opposes light, so do the leftist progressive battle against the recognition of our Unalienable Rights, which come from God Almighty. Both Adam and Eve were granted by God the unalienable right to choose whether to obey him and not eat from the tree of good and evil, or chomp away on the forbidden fruit. Unfortunately, Adam and Eve made the bad choice. As a result, the full blown war between good and evil was fully engaged. It is today being waged at a greater level that even supersedes the era of Sodom and Gomorrah.  

Today, satanic inspired activists, leftist politicians and 501c3 ministers have all combined efforts to engage in an evil war against everything good, hoping to literally wipe out all vestiges of anything to do with God. 

This leftist war against God is being waged, because apparently the leftist have a better understanding of the God inspired principles that made our republic the envy of the world than most ministers and parents. If it were not so, their evil war against all that is good would have been snuffed out long ago. 

My fellow Americans, we are in a war, whether you want to acknowledge it or not. Although those of us who claim Christ as our personal Lord and savior are not of this world, we are in the world, and are commanded to occupy until He returns. To occupy means that you own territory gained through noble conquest and decisive victory. Beginning in the early twentieth century, John Dewey inspired leftist bigots against God and all that is good and intellectually honest declared war against God and every good element derived from America’s unique relationship with our creator. It is bad enough that such actions were taken. However, the real tragedy, is that so many advances of the various evil enterprises were allowed to move in and take control with barely a thimble worth of resistance from those in position to thwart their efforts.  

Russian dictator Nikita Khrushchev decades ago warned the United States, quote “we shall bury you.” Much like the leftists of today, he understood the weak and droopy spiritual, physical and intellectual weakness fostered by our societal weakness and unwillingness to defend our territories. 

For example, parents have allowed the government schools to usurp their proper influence over their children, while at the same time disengaging from training up their children in the way they should go. Sadly, as a result many have been departing. So now “We the People” must fight like never before. 

I am fully convinced the war for the soul of our republic is completely winnable. Remember, the bigger the enemies are, the harder they fall.

David slew the giant Philistine Goliath, Samson wiped out a thousand attackers with the jaw bone of an ass. The American colonists defeated the super power of their time, Great Britain. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. led a no violent movement against democrat racists in America and inspired great changes. The one thing they all had in common was an unwavering faith in God. 

I firmly believe that because of a bold remnant of believers today, who are more and more strengthened in their faith and appreciation of our beloved republic, we shall witness the reelection of President Trump. Then the earnest renewing and rebuilding of the United States as one nation under God shall began. 

Yes, many of us shall mightily fight in our appointed capacities and prevent the death of the United States of America. Then she will be that shining city on a hill republic, fulfilling her God given purpose and will be called blessed throughout the world. 

God bless you, God bless America and may America bless God.