In 2017, Joe Biden’s niece, Caroline Biden, stole $100,000 through a credit card scam, a.k.a. grand larceny. She was able to cut a deal with a New York Democrat prosecutor and got off scott-free without jail time or probation. This was her second arrest. She was able to deal her way out of that one too. She has been to rehab numerous times. These are not her only dustups with the police. Quite clearly, she understands that when your uncle is the vice president of the United States you can just about get away with anything.

Just when we thought there couldn’t be a family as corrupt as the Clinton’s, guess what? Meet the Biden’s. If you’re part of this family, you can do whatever you want, and get off with a slap on the hand.

Just some of the dishonorable deeds are grand larceny, a dishonorable discharge from the Navy along with a failed drug test, arrests for drug charges, bribery of a foreign business for the benefit of your son. Along with eight years of Daddy Joe burning up taxpayer funds for his own enjoyment. And these are only the things that they got caught doing. One can only imagine how many other wrongdoings have not been reported. 

Biden’s daughter, Ashley Biden Krein, has been arrested several times for drug charges. While he was vice president, she was videoed snorting cocaine, but the news media decided to not publish the video. Can you imagine if that was one of President Trump’s kids on that video? They would’ve been hung out to dry, and it would’ve been on the front page of headlines for a week. But not Ashley, she hid out in the Vice President’s Delaware home for a week or so until things calmed down.

Hunter Biden, Joe’s son, was kicked out of the Navy for failing a cocaine drug test. How does a son get a Naval Officers direct commission upon entering the military? Daddy Joe fixed it, that’s how. You see, anything is possible when your daddy is the vice president of the United States.

Hey, everyone makes a mistake or two in life. It shouldn’t necessarily be an absolute reflection of someone’s character. However, when that someone continues to do unscrupulous acts, things which most of us wouldn’t even think of doing, then it does become an absolute reflection of their character. Such as when Hunter Biden divorced his wife, mother of his three daughters, after a year-long affair he married his brother’s widow. Yes, you may need to read that again. Who does that? To make it even worse, Hunter drained hundreds of thousands of dollars from the couple’s assets on all kinds of unscrupulous acts, while leaving the family with no funds to pay legitimate bills.

Now, if this was your son, do you think you would continue to help him stand on his own two feet at almost 40 years old? Probably not, right? Well, after all this, Daddy Joe then takes care of little Hunter and arranges for he and John Kerry’s stepson, to make a fortune from communist China and Ukraine. This is one of those, you have to read it to believe it things. Joe Biden and John Kerry had become very good friends through their years as US Senators together. That carried over into the super-elite working together to create more wealth for their less than deserving children. Yes, the rich get richer, as they say.

If this wasn’t enough to make you sick, I’ll close out with this little tidbit. We can’t forget eight years of dear Daddy Joe. The weekends he was not traveling out of the country, he had Air Force 2 take him and a few friends home to Delaware along with the required Secret Service agents. This is recorded as 40 trips per average year at a cost of $1.3 million per weekend for aircraft, crew, fuel, Secret Service agents salaries and benefits. Not only Joe’s trips, but whenever his problem children stayed at the Delaware house there were two Secret Service agents assigned for the length of their stay. Plain and simple, the Biden’s know all too well how to spend taxpayer dollars. 

Can we even imagine how President Trump’s children would be treated by the media if they were anything like this? No, we can’t, because Ivanka, Don Jr., and Eric are all beyond reproach. Having worked for President Trump, I can tell you firsthand, that his children are truly some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. Respectful, cordial and hard-working, none of them come close to the Biden’s off-spring. Joe Biden and John Kerry are simply part of the swamp, the deep state.

I predict long before November 3, 2020 Joe Biden will drop out of the race. His corrupt past will have caught up with him, and by this time, the American public will have had enough.

One by one, they are falling out of favor with a very wise American public, who are gradually catching on to the corruption being exposed by President Trump.

Image: Clockwise from bottom left: AP / Charles Harrity; Bing Maps; AP / Charlie Neibergall; courtesy of Wilmington University

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