Joe Biden, the Democratic candidate for president who, according to many well-documented and credible sources, may have even committed high treason by selling his services as the sitting vice president to an adversarial foreign power has now ventured to say that America “was an idea,” an idea that Americans “have never lived up to.” 

The first part of that statement is true. America was indeed an idea, or rather it was the culmination of a set of ideas, an ideology. The ideology we know of today as the Western Civilization. 

Having its roots in the axis between Jerusalem, Athens, and Rome, Western Civilization is an amalgam of many ideas, some of which would not be considered Western today. In days of old, Western Civilization gave much power to princes, be they emperors or popes, and it was the state ideology of many a totalitarian state from Byzantium to Spain. 

In those early days, it were the religious and spiritual ideals of the Western idea that ruled supreme, embodied by both the Catholic and the Greek Orthodox churches. These ideals gave Westerners a moral compass and reminded them that they were all made in God’s image and were thus in possession of immortal souls that no prince or potentate could ever rob them of. While the Church demanded that temporal authorities be obeyed, it meant so only in the physical realm. Unlike in India, China, or Japan, no ruler, no matter how powerful, could enjoy total control of his subjects in the kingdoms of Christendom because even he was answerable to the Creator.

This was the state of affairs in the first millennium of Western civilization. At the very dawn of the second millennium, with the signing of the Magna Carta, a new ideal was added to the West: the ideal of individual freedom, a freedom temporal, in addition to a freedom spiritual. For the first time in human history, limits were placed on the powers of God-anointed potentates, for the first time temporal power was granted to the “common” people.

It took seven centuries and a brand new continent for this new idea to find its ultimate expression and to acquire its distilled form, but it finally happened in the City of Brotherly Love in the year 1776 of the Common Era.

In Congress, the elected representatives of a small number of farmers and shopkeepers from thirteen insignificant colonies of the British Empire, declared that not only could common people have rights, but that their rights, their AGENCY, was far superior to that held by any government official, be it elected, appointed, or hereditary.

In fact, they ventured to say, no human being could have power in this world unless conferred upon him by his own peers for a limited period of time, and even then this power would be highly limited in scope. Nothing remotely similar to this has been seen in the world since the last days of the Roman Republic eighteen centuries earlier and in reality not even then. The Roman Republic had no Constitution, no Bill of Rights. Lacking the Judeo-Christian foundations of its American successors, it had no ideological framework upon which to erect the edifice of “inalienable rights” granted by the “Creator.”

This new American idea was radical to a degree that can hardly be grasped today. It would have been radical enough had it been proposed by an academic toiling in the obscurity and protection of his ivory tower, but to have this idea proposed by a bunch of committed pragmatists with the full intent of putting it into action on the battlefield, was utterly unheard of. 

In stark contrast to the ridiculous statement made by the small-time hustler, sexual pervert, and unindicted (as of yet) traitor Joe Biden, that first generation of free Americans wasted no time at all in living up, to the fullest measure possible, to the ideals they have just signed their names to. They rebelled against the only superpower of their age, a superpower that had just days earlier defeated its only real rival, France. 

These early Americans lived up to the ideas set forth by their elected officials in the language of the intelligentsia by distilling them even further through the barrels of their homemade muskets and Kentucky long rifles. Not letting the words languish on parchment for even a short moment, they took up arms and declared simply that all power in this world, both secular and divine, both spiritual and temporal, resides in the individual and nowhere else. Only the Creator Himself, they declared, is superior to any human being. There can be no kings, no “princes of the church,” no heads of state-ordained religions, they proclaimed.

For these radical ideas, they had fought and they had died. What higher measure of “living up” can there possibly be?

From the parchment of the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence to the musket balls of the militias, the power of the individual as the final and only arbitror of his own fate had become the defining ideal of the new West, the one and only American Idea.

From that time onward, successive generations of Americans were called to defend this idea and the enormous wealth it had helped generate for them. Without exception, they were all equal to the task. 

Until now.

The generations of Americans currently living are the first generations of Americans who have betrayed the American Idea in any significant numbers. In the pages of this column, we often explore what has led to this unfortunate state of events, but now, today, only a few short days from an election that will determine whether the American Idea lives or dies, all of this is rather irrelevant. There will be time for a postmortem later if we win and there will be no need for it if we lose.

The kryptonite of the American Idea is the old idea, in fact civilization’s oldest idea, of globalist oligarchy. All of the great empires of the ancient world, from Egypt to Babylon, from China to Rome, were globalist oligarchies, which makes it only fitting that China, the embodiment of this system of governance is leading the charge against the American Republic today. 

In the Chinese worldview, not only is the individual devoid of “rights,” his very existence is of no interest to the State unless he is in possession of certain highly valuable knowledge or skills and only for as long as these skills are in demand. In China, just like in Twitter or Google, the individual is worth only what he can produce, what he can transactionally contribute at this very moment. In these systems of governance, no human being has the slightest measure of intrinsic value.

God never intended to make the world perfect, which is why the idea of Tikkun Olam, of “fixing the world” or “perfecting the world,” an idea that is espoused by many Jewish progressives, is so wrong. A perfect world would be boring as heck. It would offer no opportunity for the exercise of free will, no place for creativity or innovation. No, the God of the Old and New Testaments never intended for us to be perfect, but He gave us free will with which we can choose to perfect ourselves; ourselves, but not others.

This idea, this reality, means that not everyone will choose to be perfected. Not everyone will choose a path that leads to spiritual or material prosperity and there is nothing that any of us can do to force people to make the right choices, though we can and should extend a helping hand.

Ah, but in the globalist system that is now taking over America, it is precisely by coercion that we, all of us, are to be perfected. We are to be nudged and if nudging does not help, pushed and finally ordered to eat or not eat this or that, to wear masks, to stay at home.  

These top down mandates, whether by elected or unelected officials are the exact diametric opposite of the American Idea and, unsurprisingly, are in full alignment with the totalitarian statist ideas of the East.

The line of attack, the weapon of ideological mass destruction that America’s enemies have so successfully deployed against her is simple. “Your system has a fatal flaw,” they say. “As long as there is even one ‘class’ of people who for any reason cannot fully benefit from it, the whole edifice must come down,” they tell us. 

This is the old Bolshevik, communist, fascist lie and it is its mere presence in America, let alone the primary role that it is now playing in our institutions that poses such a deadly threat to her.

The people that are putting words in Joe’s mouth want you to believe that the American Idea has something to do with “justice,” which they define as “social justice,” i.e. justice that applies to a proliferating number of groups of people who share real or imagined grievances. These enemies of freedom want you to believe that America cannot live up to its ideals unless all of these grievances are somehow addressed, which is, of course, a complete impossibility. Nothing can be further from the truth. The American Idea is defined by individual rights and individual justice only. It specifically forbids the creation of any “group” or “class” rights or privileges, since all rights are given by the Creator to individual humans and individual humans only. 

The Supreme Court, caught in the rhetoric of the 1960’s “civil rights movement,” subverted the Constitution and may have dealt her and America as a whole a death blow, precisely when it allowed the creation of “protected classes”, an idea that would have horrified the Founding Fathers. This, quite literally, opened the gates of hell since there can be no limit to the number of classes or the grievances that “afflict” them. Taken as a whole, addressing these “grievances” inescapably comes at the expense of the individual rights of every American, which are the only rights that the Constitution set out to protect. 

When you are commanded to pay attention to the ridiculous “pronouns” of the newest SCOTUS approved grievance group, the so-called “transgenders,” you are deprived of your First Amendment rights and, at least in my case, my right to the pursuit of happiness because submitting to idiotic demands makes me extremely unhappy. 

America, in just a few days, is faced with a stark choice. If it reelects President Trump, it will have a new lease on life as the last significant bastion of Western Civilization, the last place in which individual rights are the only rights that count. If it fails to do so, America will simply become the technological, legal, and financial branch office of the resurgent and reinvented Chinese empire and all Americans will become the chattel slaves of the Chinese emperor. 

For some, their skills as lawyers or programmers will make this slavery rather pleasant, at least for a while. Other will not be so lucky. But no American will remain free and all Americans, even those who vote Trump will become the last Americans to have tasted real liberty. 

Don’t let that happen. Vote Trump.