The moment “We The People” elected Donald J. Trump, President, we handed our Country’s reins to the greatest street fighter in Presidential History. This came not a moment too soon!

He’s withstood close to three years of sustained attacks from his own political party even – along with the entire Democrat cabal.

This included a weaponized FBI, DoJ, CIA and countless alphabet soup agencies – in addition, rogue domestic and foreign operatives intent on destroying the man, his family and anyone associated with him. This amounts to the single greatest scandal in American Political History.

The latest attacks are coming from Senate Sub-Committees, reminiscent of the insidious era of the Cold War McCarthyism of the late 1940s. They were investigating everyday Americans in search of a crime. Might this sound familiar to you?

In spite of all of this, this one man, with no help from the establishment, but much love from “We The People”, has managed to take these traitors to the Mat, while at the same time bringing our economy back on it’s feet, a popularity of his party to 93%, while mitigating the threats of global nuclear tensions and a political holocaust. 

They called Jackie Gleason and Muhammad Ali “The Greatest”, But I’d lay my money on 45 for any Street Fight, the world over.

Love..RayRay..and a Poem.

The Bell Round

They’re cocked and they’re ready
More subpoenas they’ll send
Keep their Witch Hunt in motion
Trump Derangement Syndrome again

They want his 1040’s
So they can continue with zeal
They still cry Russian Collusion
Tho the Special counsel has yet to reveal 

They’re thirsting for power
Their motives retold
Usurp the Will of The people
While real Legislation’s on hold

They’re looking like fools
Who fell into a ditch
Couldn’t find ANY collusion
Now OBSTRUCTION they’ll pitch

They want to reveal
Fifty years of his life
Searching for anything
A thousand cuts from a knife

But his skin is like leather
An Armadillo would gasp
We should reverse all the roles
Have the Congress unmasked

Sexual slush funds
Fifth Amendments they cry
Gone from their duty
The Bill of rights they belie

The Bell Round’s begun
Ali would be proud
It’s Time for a Street fight
He’ll knock every one of them out

Written by RayRay 3/6/19©️