From the moment the concept of a free America was born in the hearts of our forefathers, every one of us inherited a greater future, and indeed the entire world would benefit from this kindling of liberty many times over the next two hundred and forty four years. Once unleashed, this spirit of freedom grew from an ember to a roaring flame satisfying centuries of yearning souls crying out for emancipation.

So powerful was this development in human history that it changed the very course of our existence as a people. With freedom came the ability to dream on a scale not known before, to envision a better life for your family, one filled with the fruits of your own labors limited only by your desire and imagination.

Unleashing of the human spirit, mind, and talent led to the greatest changes in the living conditions of human beings that had ever been seen. Private property and the opportunity to build a life that was of your own choosing spurred industry, technology, and innovation. In less than two hundred years we went from a meager dirt existence to landing a man on the moon, commanding the greatest military the world had even seen, and enjoying a bounty of food unrivaled in time. 

To think that in only a few short lifetimes this change exploded onto the pages of history, moving us from the past to the modern experience is absolutely astounding. And all of this was made possible by removing the shackles of tyranny that had long held the world in its grip.

This American experiment proved that anything was possible if people could live their lives as free men and women the way our loving God intended. And the greatest symbol of that experience is the individual right to vote.            

With the push of a button, the pulling of a lever, the popping of a chad or the writing of a choice on a piece of paper by a single person, voting  reveals the power of the concept the founders of this great nation envisioned. Every aspect of freedom begins with the vote. Every change in society begins with the vote. Every challenge that is met with a chosen solution begins with the vote. Our very destiny is decided by the vote. It is the single act conducted as both an individual and as a people that unifies us as one nation and distinguishes our lives as men and women of liberty.

I often think of how special it is we get to choose our leaders, and then, if a change in leadership is decided by the people voting, there is and always has been a peaceful transfer of this immense power that is the United States of America. That is another realization of the founder’s concepts of how freedom would act. 

If we look to other countries we can see the old world in close contrast, the world we left behind in 1776 on our journey to a new world, a new paradigm and new way of living. 

Powerful leaders do not give up their power simply because the people of their nation wanted then to. No, instead they rig the election, if they even have one, or they design a government that is self-regulating and operates on its own without the public input. Any uprising that bucks that power is not simply dismissed, it is often crushed under the wheels of a tank or in a barrage of bullets and blood.

If we think back to the Iraqi elections after the war to dethrone Saddam Hussein, and we remember the indelible pictures of the people with their fingers held high stained purple from dye to show they had voted, they had acted in their own interest, they had voiced their choices, and we saw the joy on their faces. Those pictures reflected the change that freedom brings to a people and to the soul.

We often lose sight of our blessings here in America, like the blessing of self-determination, we are so used to the concepts of freedom that even when we complain about the things of our lives, we forget we can change it all with a single vote.

We have an election coming up in a few weeks. An election that is being herald as the most important election of modern times, one that can and will change the course of our country and our lifestyles. Many have lamented the fact that we have people in our government that we don’t like on both sides of the aisle. We don’t care for their opinions, or how they want to run the business of the nation, or how they will affect us personally. We complain about the inability to “fix” things and find good and decent people to lead us. We gnash our teeth at the latest atrocity to be visited on us by these people who dare to lead free people, and we live with the frustration of not being able to change things.

The fears of many in this election cycle is that we will use the opportunity to move our country away from freedom and towards the default position of humanity, which is tyranny. We fear that we will lose our traditions and our heritage and our way of life. We fear socialism as a possibility, and it is. But all of this is a waste of concern and energy, the answer, the hope we seek is at our fingertips. Much like our Iraqi friends with their purple fingers, we simply have to vote. 

Even in this age of rage and anger, of sadness over the lack of respect for life and for each other, we can change it all with the simple act of freedom that so many have given their lives for over the years. We simply have to vote. Because no matter the feelings of hopelessness for change, or the anxiety that we are at the mercy of the cosmos, the beauty of America and the gift of the founders is still our salvation, our saving grace- vote the bastards out! 

The power of my vote, my voice, my choice is the echo of liberty screaming down through the ages and the sword of our future if we would only wield it well. It is often said that the simplest answer is usually the right one. In this case, how could the answer be simpler than the push of a button, the pulling of a lever, the popping of a chad or the writing of a choice on a piece of paper.

Our individual vote is sacred and powerful, we are all warriors for freedom.