Messaging through the gift of music is the one universal language that can transcend barriers of all kinds. Singer Songwriter, Michael Beatty has found his groove, and just at the right time. Beatty is inspiring patriots to go the extra mile in their love for their country, and he is reminding those that have forgotten or misplaced their patriotic values⏤that a nation is crying out for love.

This episode of ‘The Voice of a Nation’ showcases many of Michael Beatty’s hit songs, combined with his inspiring views of what it means to be a patriot, and the importance of this election season. Michael Beatty is an American Singer and Songwriter, a man who loves America and is sharing the beauty and greatness of America through his song and video. He has written over 60 tunes since Feb, all videos on 2:20 in length specifically for social media. All the songs are free for download. Beatty’s vision is to encourage Patriots during these revolutionary times.

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