What happened yesterday in Washington DC, while inconceivable, could not have been unexpected. After seventy-seven million Trump voters saw their votes stolen, after being exposed to four years of corruption without consequences, and realizing a double standard of justice really does exist, how can it not be expected. Just like the unattended pot that boils over, violence would predictably flare up somewhere.

This time, it was our Nation’s Capitol, where the Deep State denizens sought to ratify the greatest crime of the 21st century, the theft of a presidential election, an event that will push the American nation into the socialist camp⏤possibly forever.

The widespread condemnation of the Washington Rally events, because it turned violent, is the perfect storm for politicians and media pundits to blame Trump. They will not address the underlying issue of a corrupted election but now will cast all Conservative protesters as “Enemies of the State!” 

The idea of “peaceful protests” evaporated when Federal Courts wouldn’t even consider hearing the overwhelming voter fraud evidence collected by Trump’s team. Nothing was dismissed. They just refused to consider the evidence. 

Also ignored is the published Antifa instructions to its followers to attend the rally, wear red MAGA hats, mingle with the conservative protesters, and take action where appropriate. Was the idiot who was photographed sitting in Nancy Pelosi’s chair, Richard “Bigo” Barnett from Arkansas, really an Antifa? Inquiring minds need to know because we saw no apparent arrests of the invaders on either the Capitol steps or in the Chambers.

Admittedly, Law Enforcement was overwhelmed but was the Antifa’s allowed to escape? Sadly, one protester was shot, but posing a threat to armed police can be a hazardous business. 

Democrats and the media are now screaming for Trump’s impeachment or immediate removal as unfit for office under Article XXV of the Constitution. They claim Trump is personally responsible for the assault on Congress. It’s nonsense, of course, but the deed is done and as Trump’s inner circle and Congressional supporters fade away, so do his chances for a 2024 return.

The Marxists smell blood and will do all in their power to see President Trump and his legacy destroyed. Socialism cannot abide by the success of the individual.

Come January 20, watch how fast Democrats pass Nancy and Chuck’s Marxist agenda for America without any opposition from what remains of our cowed Republican politicians.

I applaud those brave House and Senate Republicans who did stand up and challenge the electoral thefts of five states but, enough anti-Trumpers were there to ensure no electoral vote reversal would happen. I suspect incidents of violence will carry on for a while now until Nancy’s Marxists are organized enough to come after our guns and then our property. 

Mitch McConnell said: “Criminal behavior will never dominate Congress,” but I think he meant violent criminal behavior. God Bless him, but, well, yes, it did, and by ‘dominate,’ he meant the fear now facing all politicians in both houses, corrupt or not. The Democrats had better restrain their dogs on a leash; the Antifa’s and BLM’s or the Civil War they wanted will actually happen. 

In the meantime, Democrats will have the power of unlimited printing to fund the stupid New Green Deal programs, import and support illegal aliens and create government health schemes that will eliminate the older population on one end and continue the murder of babies on the other. 

America is nearly gone, my friends. Is it worth fighting for? 

Remember, freedom is the goal. The Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em!

Image: Reuters