The Answer to School Shootings – This past Friday marked another day when we awakened to the news of another school shooting, this time in Santa Fe, Texas, a suburban community about 30 miles south of Houston. This time the numbers are 10 dead including nine students and one adult. This is a pattern that has been building for decades and seems to be getting worse and not better… The reality is we have a crisis on our hands, our children are scared to attend schools, we have parents who are afraid to let them attend, and our politicians just argue and do nothing, how do we make our schools safe? Lt Joseph Pangaro and Dr Ron Martinelli analyze the factors causing this and the steps we will need to take moving forward.

Trusting Kim & Credit Israel – Kim Jong Un releases three American prisoners, agreeing to Singapore as a meeting site with a date of June 12, and not requiring removal of American forces from South Korea–just before he announces that there may be no meeting between President Trump and himself. Part of a bigger strategy or more of the same? Israel celebrated its birthday as a nation on May 14 and Hamas used it as an excuse for demonstrations and attempts to breach the border with Israel. The news media have accused Israel of using excessive force even equivalent of being genocide, what is behind the media distortion? IQ al-Rassooli and Dennis Santiago provide the expertise with facts and truth. 

One Year of Mueller Madness – The investigation to many looks like a vendetta against a president in search of a crime. It is now been one year since the start of the special counsel investigation into the Russian collusion in the 2016 presidential election. Investigations have gone back as much as twelve years to look for any linkages of any kind to the Trump organization prior to the campaign and prior to his election as president for any evidence of wrongdoing. Is this nothing more than a politically motivated witch-hunt? Will Mueller try to indict the President, or subpoena him to appear before a Grand Jury? What are the President’s options if Mueller acts against him? George McClellan and Ava Armstrong are ready to blow out the candles on this one!

MAY 20th 10AM EST

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