In combat, the military’s role as always has been to break things and kill the enemy. They are rarely used to enforce civil matters unless a full fledged insurrection is under way. Career military leaders, technically, are not political thinkers as we know them, because for them it’s difficult to separate out ‘following orders’ to do their jobs facing an enemy, and trying in civilian areas under duress, to appease the enemy to modify their behavior, not just beat their brains out. 

I am a bit befuddled by Retired Marine Corps General, and Trump’s former Secretary of Defense James Mattis’ comments that Trump is dividing the country, not bringing us together. His complaint was echoed by former Joint Chief of Staff, Chairman, Admiral Mullens and current Secretary of Defense, Mark Esper. These fellows, all military, came up through Obama’s ‘dreams of his father’ Presidency. But Trump, as President, does not dream that his job is to “bring us together” but to save the country and make it great again. 

Trump knows as good as anybody, that politicians cannot bring divergent, angry races of people together to agree on differing social conditions, join hands and sing Cum-by-yah songs. It won’t work! 

For one, Democrats have managed to seize the George Floyd incident as a way to alienate their black plantation occupants against whites, rail against law and order and police generally, to keep them angrily ensconced on Democrat voter rolls.

Trump’s inroads into the black community has seriously concerned Democrats to the point of near terminal derangement.

Because of the George Floyd death at the hands of a white police officer in a totally Liberal City in a Blue State, we are today, facing an internal enemy of malevolent intent, the rats who have swarmed up out of their rat holes to organize Insurrection and mayhem on our streets. These people, Antifa anarchists, are not just disgruntled students trying to make a statement; many are the students of the 60s and 70s, now the law professors in colleges and professionals in Corporate America, showing by example, how insurrection is done. 

Progressives have filled their followers heads with the notion that somehow they can achieve their demands by raising the temperature of their protests with a few broken windows hoping community leaders will appease them with some measure of success.

In daylight hours, demonstrations appear peaceful and meet the Constitution definition with non violent protests at memorials, with marches, speech’s and passive demonstrations. Americans are good with this, but we know these things accomplish nothing to redress the ill feelings felt by the complaining races and so, the temperature rises with the professional Antifa groups coming out at night to lead them.

Night is when we experience the violence, vandalism and looting. It is no longer a riot but an insurrection. How do we know what’s happening now is an insurrection? 

Because of its nationwide spontaneity, the presence of black clad Antifa initiating attacks, the pre-positioning of rocks, bricks and Molotov cocktails in hidden caches on public streets, and the defiance of Law and Order.

Weak leadership has now made police the direct targets of Progressive violence, all Indications of the presence of a guided, malevolent and lethal enemy. Appeasement is no longer a useful tactic for the police, it only fosters weakness and encourages demands for more.

The Progressive Left, now America’s true enemy, is using this manufactured black vs police brutality as cover for their anti-American activities and, interestingly, their presence is now openly apparent. They’re out of the box! We must dominate the streets, not them!

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em!