If the Democrats actually try to do all the nonsensical and, indeed, dangerous things they appear committed to doing, like country-wide mask enforcement and COVID shutdowns, bowing to the wishes of the Communist Party of China, trillions of taxpayer dollars wasted on climate change and so-called green energy, killing fossil fuels, open borders, amnesty for millions of illegals, etc.—then there will be little the Republicans need do to bring about the Dems’ complete collapse in the 2022 midterm elections. The American people will do it for them, leaving Biden/Harris unable to continue their radical agenda until 2024 when they will be canceled themselves. 

It is also entirely possible that Biden/Harris will do little of what they promised the extreme elements of the party and those entities will, of course, go berserk, with their allies launching another ‘summer of love’ in which leftists burn down neighborhoods across America. Indeed, the Squad plus newcomers, Ocasio-Cortez et al, could very well be Joe Biden’s worst nightmare when they realize how little of their radical agenda will actually be enabled. 

In “America Today & The Light At The End Of The Tunnel,” our column last week on America Out Loud, we explained that there is a silver lining to the dark storm cloud that is the Democrat takeover of Congress and the presidency. Indeed, there is reason to believe that in their first two years they will do far more damage to their own party and its followers than they could actually accomplish against the entire country. The expression, in use since at least 15th century England, is:

“Give a man enough rope and he will hang himself.”

Witness what is happened to the Liberals in Canada. While railing against former conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper for what the Liberals regarded as inadequate greenhouse gas reduction targets, after finally winning the government, now Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberals have exactly the same targets, to the disgust of climate activists. Also, despite Trudeau’s virtue signaling on climate change, he now supports the Keystone XL pipeline. Indeed, in his post-election phone call with Biden, the first foreign leader to speak with the president-elect after Nov 3rd, the importance of having energy cooperation between our two countries was emphasized. Keystone XL is, of course, an extremely important part of that cooperation. Canceling it will, according to Gregory R. Wrightstone, Executive Director of the CO2 Coalition:

  • halt 830,000 bbls/day of crude from Alberta to Nebraska
  • require about 4,500 tanker trucks per day to replace
  • kill jobs on both sides of the border (it is a $9 billion project led by TC Energy (old TransCanada))
  • harm Canadian/US relations
  • harm US energy security which could lead to more “Wars for Oil”
  • do virtually nothing to reduce atmospheric CO2.

On Monday, Alberta Premier Jason Kenny explained the implications further at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y-HVVpE1u1g&feature=emb_logo. Here is an excerpt:

“We cannot imagine the circumstance where the United States would effectively choose to benefit OPEC dictatorships that have spread conflict undermining global security rather than partnering with its closest democratic-ally, Canada. Now the government of Canada has said that the top priority in the bilateral relationship is Keystone XL and I understand Prime Minister Trudeau expressed that to President-elect Biden on their call on November 9th of last year in which the statement was issued indicating that they agreed to engage on issues such as energy environment including Keystone XL. It is our fervent hope that the incoming U.S. Administration will keep that commitment to engage with the top ally of the United States, with Canada.”

Even uber-liberal Trudeau seems to finally understand at least some of all this. Ocasio-Cortez et al are unlikely to ever fully appreciate the implications of their proposals, but, assuming Biden actually survives very far into his four-year term, he is likely to also realize the impracticality of canceling such important energy projects with free nations.

It was reported that Biden will indeed cancel XL because he thinks he needs an early win on climate to assuage the environmentalist on his team.

Yet Whitestone explained that a reduction of 100% of America’s emissions would only reduce 0.04 degree C by 2050. Even John Kerry admitted in 2016 that anything the U.S. does will have essentially no effect on the climate because China, India, and Africa will offset whatever we do. 

We will now use public feedback from last week’s article to expand on our premise that America faces only a temporary setback due to the election steal by Biden’s bunch.

President Donald Trump will be sorely missed by many patriotic Americans, of course, but other conservatives will be ready to fill his shoes provided we can get the election frauds corrected in time for the next elections. We hope that this perspective will help lift the pessimism felt right now by conservatives across the land and to rejuvenate the optimism needed to continue to fight more effectively on behalf of our country.

One reader suggested that this election does not mean the Democrats will have it all their way to conduct a full trial of their terrible socialist ideas. The House and Senate are in fact in a near state of deadlock and one or both may begin to slide right as the 2022 mid-term elections approach, even before draconian legislative action can be enabled. Many readers believed that Biden will be unable to hold his position for more than two years, at which point he will be 80, leaving vice-president-elect Kamala Harris to replace him. Harris will likely be completely ineffective for the final 24 months of their term, having zero experience, public support, or leadership skills, accelerating the party’s collapse.

We wrote last week that the nation was split down the middle politically and was taken to task on that view. Critics felt strongly that no more than 15% of the country were “woke” liberals trying to take down the country established by our founders. More believed that as many as 70% of us are broadly supportive of a populist/libertarian brand of politics which Grover Norquist, President of Americans for Tax Reform, has long called “center-right”.

President Trump was cruising to an easy re-election victory before the China virus derailed our country with a fake pandemic, fake race riots, and then rampant election fraud ending his ability to win four more years. A fair election should have found that Trump won a majority of the popular vote by a few percentage points.

We were also fairly criticized for saying that Trump may have deepened the political divide in the nation when in fact he was healing old wounds that Obama had reopened. Fixing the judiciary, ending foreign entanglements, confronting political correctness and social media censorship, expanding school choice, and trying to end global warming hysteria all worked to help alleviate, rather than deepen, divisions among Americans.

The appearance of ‘deep division,’ we were told, was and clearly is because Trump isolated and ridiculed the radical left and they fought back by weaponizing every situation they had captured in the past three decades. This included public schools, colleges, and the many unelected government officials working against him.

Our biggest and most pressing obstacle is fixing the election laws that made possible vote harvesting, no-excuse absentee voting, no signature checks, and unsecured election computers. That is admittedly a big ‘ask’ but is what all fair-minded citizens from across the political spectrum should focus on right now. Indeed, if Biden is really serious about healing the deep rift between left and right in America, then he must appoint a neutral commission to properly study the claims of election fraud. Only if it is demonstrated in an open and transparent fashion that the election was not rigged for Joe, is there any chance that the 40% of Americans who think the election was dishonest will be satisfied. Alternatively, if the claims of election fraud are shown to be justified, which we believe would be the case, then Biden must lead the process of bulletproofing our election process against future fraud.

24 months, even 48, with a gridlocked House and Senate are not really enough time to descend into the pessimistic political chaos we warned of last week. Most of us will not notice a big change in our taxes or the regulations that protect our communities. In the short term, our critics feel it will mostly be just political theater. They are probably right, and this has made us even more optimistic than we were last week.  

So, we now even more firmly predict that the blazes that marked the trail for our ancestors will shine brightly to lead us back. America will get through these latest challenges and continue to be the land of the free and home of the brave.