Western civilization is under threat from a declining population. The countries we outlined in part one of this talk, have been able to maintain the growth of their declining indigenous populations, through immigration only. The tragedy is the fact, that a great percentage of these immigrants, are coming from Muslim countries, who cannot, do not and will not assimilate among the host peoples. The fertility rate of Muslims range, from Five to Seven Times those of Europeans or Americans. By the year 2050, it is projected that the whole of Europe, including Russia, will become Islamic. These cultures will cease to exist.

America is suffering exactly the same decline in populations, and is blinded by Political Correctness – or the irrational fear of being called a Racist – that prohibits any of them, from having the backbone, the integrity, or even the loyalty, for his/her people, to stand up and say, that based upon their Sharia compliance, “Muslims, should never again be allowed to Immigrate into our countries, just as we Infidels/ Kuffar are never allowed into theirs”. Americans understand our human right to not comply, not submit to a sharia way of life – which sets up the ultimate clash.

We recommend you read the article, Demographic Triumph of Islam over Christianityand then listen to both parts of the program to have a full understanding of the task at hand.

IQ al-Rassooli, Iraqi exile, Arabic speaker, scholar, author and a weekly writer and analyst. Ava Armstrong is a Political Commentator, radio personality, and an author who writes about America’s heroes. Dr. Baruch Pletner is a Scientist, Entrepreneur and Thinker, a weekly writer and show host.

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