In order for any ethnic culture to maintain itself for more than 25 years (at least one generation), the minimum required Fertility Rate has to be 2.11 children per family. Anything less than 2.11, the culture will most assuredly, slowly but inevitably, decline into final oblivion. Based on the historical records, no native culture was ever able to go back by itself, at 1.9 children per family. At 1.3 Fertility Rate, it is impossible for any culture to reverse and or recover, because it would take 80 to 100 years to correct itself, and there is no economic model that can sustain a culture during such a long period of time.

The following fertility rates are beyond Shocking: France 1.9; Germany 1.57; UK 1.74; Italy 1.34; Spain 1.2; Denmark 1.77; Ireland 1.77; (European Union as a whole 1.59); Canada 1.6; USA 1.74; Russia 1.3. These figures doom these nations to extinction, unless they receive immigrants from other nations, and that is where we start the conversation on The Voice of a Nation in part one of The American Melting Pot Coming to an End.

We recommend you read the article, Demographic Triumph of Islam over Christianityand then listen to both parts of the program to have a full understanding of the task at hand.

IQ al-Rassooli, Iraqi exile, Arabic speaker, scholar, author and a weekly writer and analyst. Ava Armstrong is a Political Commentator, radio personality, and an author who writes about America’s heroes. Dr. Baruch Pletner is a Scientist, Entrepreneur and Thinker, a weekly writer and show host.

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