Life has become a box of crayons, you never know who you’re going to disrespect.

What ever has happened to shedding Light on a subject?

It seems that over the course of American history we have replaced concepts with discriminatory and hellish labels. 

The gorgeous rainbow of colors we have all witnessed following the fiercest of rain storms has now become a nexus point of damaging and cruel labelling, using Colors. 

It’s never been more obvious to me than in this divisive political environment.

Asians and cowards are YELLOW; 

Native Americans, Russians, Republicans and targeted MAGA hats are RED. 

Those that love our Environment are GREEN.

States, depression, and Democrats are BLUE. 

PURPLE is no longer Professor Plum but now a State that is so blended that it’s politically confused and hasn’t got a Clue.

Saying anything BLACK has become a racist slur.

WHITE has now become dark and dirty.

We have, as an American Culture, tumbled into a deep spiral of discrimination based on colors and identity politics, that we have completely forgotten that the source of all of these colors is Pure Light..

It’s high time we use the beauty of color in positive ways as they were meant to be …as we would see in a Rembrandt, or a Picasso… not as portrayed on SNL, the Mainstream Media or the Iconic MAD Magazine….Love RayRay…and a Poem.

Spending a Life in Prism

This rainbow of colors
Has me twisted in two
We identify people and causes
By the shading of hue

I can not understand
Why Green gets to be clean
Thus dissing the Irish
If you know what I mean

The Color of Yellow
Though the Asians object
Poor Banana Republics
That get no respect 

The Color of Purple
Was a movie I knew
Now it identifies States
Who combine Reddish and Blue

Black was for Power
What’s become of their stork
More babies are aborted
Than born in New York

I used to love Red
Gorgeous Dresses and Shoes
Now hats signal imminent danger
And cause Russian collusion abuse

What’s happened to Orange
Is clearly obscene
They’ve packed it with Calcium
So it’s no longer so sweet

Alas there is White
No longer a Lily at all
It’s become quite a target
Their Privilege I just can’t recall 

It’s time we abandon
Using labels so cruel
Just let live and let live
Like a box of crayons in school

Written by RayRay 2/5/19©️