I was dismayed when Justice Gorsuch wrote the majority opinion on the Bostock vs, Clayton issue that was before the court, and now, even John Roberts, our wonderful Conservative Chief Justice has come out of the closet as a mere Deep State functionary.

His vote, joining the Liberal cabal to prohibit President Trump from eliminating Obama’s illegal executive order that created the DACA problem, itself indisputably a violation of the Constitution, was a ruling of anti-Trump peak and nothing more because, according to Master Roberts: “The dispute before the Court is not whether DHS may rescind DACA, all parties agree that it may. The dispute is instead primarily about the procedure the agency followed in doing so.In other words, Trump cannot be allowed to win anything within the deep state’s power to stop it. 

The Deep State, facing its worst crisis in the history of US Government, is almost beside itself trying to figure out how to stop Trump’s destruction of their good deal. That begs the logical question of major concern to most Americans today: If the Orangeman is so bad; if he’s an evil racist hate monger as we are constantly told by CNN, MSNBC, ABC,  et al, Then why aren’t his followers the ones killing cops, looting and burning businesses, destroying public and private property and hiding behind face masks wearing black hoodies? 

It hasn’t been made clear that it is not Trump’s deplorables who are occupying Seattle, killing people in Minneapolis, Portland and the other Democrat cities, but revolutionaries, gangs and anarchists!

Twenty out of twenty major metropolitan cities, all run by Democrats, are in riotous turmoil, killing, burning and destroying the cities infrastructure’s that will end up driving out the tax paying businesses and families that once made America great and cities hospitable! 

Trump would be well within his rights to remove Seattle’s posturing anti-American anarchist’s and insurrectionists by military force, with prejudice, and he should! But, the “Three Amigos,” in the Democrat controlled House, Pelosi, Schiff and Nadler would for sure, launch another screaming impeachment trial. The last one didn’t work and neither will the next one. They have five months left to do their dirty work.

If you haven’t noticed yet, America is under organized armed assault right now, but the Republicans, won’t acknowledge it! People are being killed in the occupied cities and as their homicide rate goes up, these crimes will never be solved because the police will refuse to investigate or will be denied access to investigate such crimes. That experience has already been felt in Seattle. Hopefully, the killings are between the contending factions of criminals gangs and lunatics trying to create workable Marxist States within their own US States. 

I suspect that because Chief Justice Roberts is hung-up on procedures, many of Obama’s other illegal Executive Orders will also be hard to remove as well. But, why should we be surprised?

The Obama administration created the DACA feel good program for Liberal virtual signaling out of thin air. I don’t remember having a say in its creation. Obama did not serve notice nor ask for comments from the American public before making his monumental decision. Obama did it anyway! Trump’s administration has been upfront and honest with the American people. He laid out a six month phase out program about how to accomplish that goal hopefully, John Roberts’ feelings not withstanding.

The problem really lies with our do-nothing Congress. Populated as it is with Progressive Marxists, far left Liberals and scared Republicans, don’t expect any changes, even as the crescendo of rising gun fire and the crisp smell of cordite invades our own neighborhoods.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em!

Image: AP