The American Civil Liberties Union is a nonprofit organization whose stated mission is “to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties guaranteed to every person in this country by the Constitution and laws of the United States.” In reality, they are nothing but a liberal, socialist driven, left wing dagger to the American Constitution to which they pretend to care about. They don’t give a damn about the American Constitution. They simply use it to hide behind, as they perform their dirty work daily in our courts, legislatures and communities. They’re another liberal tool, which has been utilized for decades, to chip away at Christian values and the American way of life.

Founded in 1919 after World War I, America feared the Communist Revolution that had taken place in Russia, would spread to the United States. The fact is, it already had begun to spread here, and Attorney General Mitchell Palmer began rounding up and deporting so-called radicals. This was a definitive turning point in America, because this event by AG Palmer caused a small group of people to take a stand. Thus, was born the American Civil Liberties Union. The irony is, they have grown into a Leftist radical group themselves of 300 staff attorneys, thousands of volunteer attorneys, 1.5 million members, and offices throughout the nation.

They are proud to announce their “Full-Court Press Challenging the Trump Administration in 2017”. They filed 56 lawsuits challenging the administration’s assault on the Constitution and the rule of law. These suits covered immigrant rights, reproductive freedom and discrimination against the LGBT community”.

The strange thing is, you can’t find in the Constitution anything about “immigrants rights”, illegal immigrants at that. You also don’t find anything about “reproductive rights” in the Constitution or anything about “discrimination against the LGBT community”.

I think we can safely say that our forefathers would not have felt that our Constitution included rights for illegal immigrants, killing babies right up until birth and making homosexual activity perfectly acceptable in society. Can you even imagine the reaction if Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin saw a man dressed as a woman walk into a ladies restroom? You see, the ACLU and the left-wing loonie tunes who are behind it, want to normalize everything, under the guise of “civil rights”. Throughout the past few decades, every time baby Jesus has been eliminated from the front of your City Hall, you can thank the ACLU. Solely because some God hating liberal was offended.

The ACLU doesn’t give a damn about America’s safety either. It’s all about protecting the rights of the individual. This is where it begins to break down. Common sense says doing what’s best for all should override what’s best for one. Common sense, as we know all too well, does not apply to liberal Democrats and Socialists. The ACLU is very proud of halting President Trumps Transgender Military Ban in 2017. The directive banned transgender service members from serving in the military. Common sense says that if you’re a man and you decide to have your aperture cut off and you take estrogen to diminish your testosterone, you’re not very likely to be the same fighting soldier you would’ve been before. This is not normal; this is not what God intended. I’m sorry if your wires got crossed, but that’s what therapy is for. Don’t put your fellow soldiers at risk and the safety of your country. Also, is it fair that the American tax payer picks up the tab for your dilemma and surgery? No, it is not. But the ACLU says it is.

After 911, it became very clear to anyone with a thimble of common sense, that there are people in this world who live to kill Americans. It just so happens that most of them are jihadist Muslims, hundreds of thousands of them. President Trump issued a ban in 2017 of the top several countries which would be the most likely root of jihadist Muslims. Those who would be sent here to attempt another 911. The ACLU put on a full court press to stop this ban as well, all the way to the Supreme Court, calling it “religious intolerance, animus, and discrimination. President Trump is doing what’s best for America, something the past handful of Presidents didn’t do. Why should we care about the feelings of these individuals? It’s extremely difficult to discern which ones mean us harm, until they’re screaming “Allah Akbar”, with an AK-47 in their hands. If you truly love your country, why would anyone, or any organization try to stop this ban? Finally, the Supreme Court upheld the third version of this ban. The ACLU says this ruling will go down in history as one of the Supreme Court’s great failures. How in the hell is protecting Americans from this scourge of humanity a failure? Clearly, there are many peace loving and good Muslims in this world. That being said, when was the last time you heard or read about their leaders decrying the violence of jihadist Muslims?

How about the Voter Suppression Decision in 2016? The ACLU called North Carolina’s “harsh voter suppression law”, which imposed a voter ID requirement, discriminatory. Before my head explodes, please help me understand how requiring someone to have a verifiable ID in order to vote, is discriminatory? With the rampant voter fraud in so many states in 2016 and the mid-term in 2018 by democrats. Without voter ID’s, we’re truly becoming a banana republic, and it’s a disgrace to our country. It’s a disgrace to our forefathers and the Constitution they wrote.

As you might imagine, I’ve never been a proponent of the ACLU. Here’s the latest attack on our American traditions, our military traditions, which contribute to our culture, to which the ACLU has no concern. Our Air Force has succumbed to the ACLU. Airman 1st Class Harpeetinder Singh Bajwa was granted a historic religious accommodation allowing him to wear a turban, beard and unshorn hair in keeping with his Sikh faith. What about the importance of our American Air Force standards? It was a requirement that as an American airman, you kept your hair short, you stayed clean shaven, and you didn’t wear a turban. That was the protocol. If you want to keep a beard, unshorn hair and a turban, go join the air force of the country your heritage originates from. You shouldn’t have the right to come here and change our traditions, even if you were born here. You want to be in the service? You adhere to American rules and standards, regardless of your religion. Because of our left wing media control and influence, even our own military caves in to the ACLU, and this should make you sick, just as it does me.

These are just a fraction of examples of how the ACLU is a leftist, American hating organization. In my opinion, they are the most damaging organization to the safety and well being of our country. They are responsible for changing more laws and creating an individualistic society than any other group in America. If you can break down a society so that the rights of the individual outweigh the rights of the populace, you undermine the values that the culture and society were built on. Until we elect enough conservative politicians and judges who will stand up and do what’s right, because it’s for the betterment of all Americans, we will continue down this rabbit hole of self-destruction, led by the American Civil Liberty Union. America, align your vote with politicians who align with your core values, and get out and vote in 2020.