Do you struggle with balancing a prospering business and a life that you absolutely love? Do you wish you were able to find success in your business without feeling so burned out? Do you wonder if it’s truly possible to unplug, put your family first and enjoy your life without feeling like you’re neglecting your growing business? If you have a passion for creating a more harmonious life and wonder how you can better execute your sales and marketing and stop trading your time for money, you’ll love today’s guest! 

Charly Caldwell II is a 30-year online and business expert and a high performance certified coach. He has delivered more than 3,000 coaching sessions to his students, helping them achieve success online and freedom in their lives while also encouraging them to be the absolute best versions of themselves. In this episode of the IHML Show, we’re speaking with Charly about what it takes to create a life and business that you love, how to live purposefully, passionately, positively, and productively and most importantly, why it’s so important to create a life full of experiences and not things.

In October of 2000, at the age of 29, Charly Caldwell II had the absolute honor of seeing an experiment of his pay off, in dividends. 6 years earlier, after burning out from working long hours, trading time for money, Charly had an epiphany. That epiphany was: “Recurring Revenue = FREEDOM, baby!” For the last 18 years, Charly Caldwell II has had a career of helping individuals, entrepreneurs, small businesses and organizations create their own ‘FREEDOM’ by living purposefully, passionately, positively, productively and profitably through his teaching, online training and coaching business called the Life and Business Success Group, Inc.

For the last 26 years, Charly and his Internet team have had the blessing of helping hundreds of entrepreneurs, small and medium businesses create, build and maintain a ‘Healthy Online Presence’ through Online Development and Marketing through his business called Internet Services Group of Florida, LLC. Charly Caldwell II is also an international Certified High Performance Coach™, with over 3,000 high performance coaching sessions under his belt, helping hundreds of people from all around the world discover, and then consistently live into, the very best versions of themselves.
Charly believes his amazing girls, Paige and Josie, are the only real legacy he’ll leave on this beautiful planet, and he lives and believes in “Family First”. Outside of helping the world get more masterful in Life, in Business, and Online — you’ll commonly find him playing tennis, at the beach, running, walking in the park, and traveling the world — living a life of experience, not stuff!

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