Assuming we will know who won the presidential election on the night of November 3rd our country will change one way or another. A second Trump term promises a return to economic prosperity for all of our citizens, continued strength of our armed forces, less crushing regulation, and a Supreme Court that looks to the constitution and intent of the founders for guidance on deciding the important cases of our day.

If the country decides to go with Joe Biden⏤we are promised a return to the status-quo with the establishment fully in power, an increase in taxes and regulations that will deter economic growth; an expanded power-base by adding at least 2 additional states to our union and an additional 3 or 4 justices of the Supreme Court. We will need to decide what is in our best interests as individuals as well as a nation, as we head for the polls on November 3rd or as we drop our ballots in the box in our local voting place.

This election promises change in how America is perceived around the world. In our current state of upheaval, either choice may unleash civil unrest the likes of which we have never seen before. The evidence for this potential is clear in the streets or the burned-out remains of Minneapolis or Portland and other American cities that have already suffered the brutal winds of revolution. 

What will our country be like on the morning of November 4th? Will we wakeup to jubilation and excitement based on the results, or will we find ourselves looking at the flames of our society burning with rage over the result? 

Will we even know the result on November 4th? The likelihood is that we will not know who won for days, weeks, or even months due to the changes in the way we cast our votes. Will one side or the other exert influence over the counting of the ballots and sway the result towards their side? Will we see hordes of partisan lawyers filing hundreds of lawsuits across many states to accept or reject ballots, keep counting or stop counting. Will we see the Supreme Court make a final decision on the outcome, much like Bush V. Gore? And what about the reaction of the American people? Will we take to the streets in open fighting as the results come in and trend one way or another? What if there is a discovery that fraud in the election is not just a myth, but can be seen by all? Do we redo the election?

We live in a time when truth is based on who’s version of events we choose to believe. Our media will report on the situation based on their bias and desire to move the result one way or the other. We have seen powerful government agencies use their influence to try and change the result of an election and destroy a candidate while ignoring the offenses of other candidates. We see our elected officials put us all at risk by allowing rioting, looting, burning, assaults and killing of innocents in an attempt to steer the future of the country to their way of governing.

We have seen power corrupt every aspect of our nation as the powerful slap each other on the back for their ingenuity and ability to deceive.

This set of factors I describe, and the state of our great nation is no longer an academic exercise, these things and more are all real and in play today. The fact that we have a thing called the “October Surprise” and we are all waiting for the next lie, smear, or hoax to be unleashed as if it were a legitimate part of the process speaks volumes about where we are.    

I don’t know what it will be like on the morning of November 4th. I pray that it will be an overwhelming victory for one side or the other so that this election can be put to bed and the country can move forward, which ever way we are to go. 

Over the years many people have stated in one form or another that we get the government we deserve⏤we do make the choice after all. Whatever is to come next we will choose either directly or through our support of those would subvert the process and force a result.

If we look to history for advice on how to proceed we may not find much. I cannot recall a time when a free people chose to walk into the jaws of tyranny and give away their freedom for a vision of a socialist utopia, but based on the things we have seen so far in recent years as well as the opinions of so many in our nation, anything is possible.  

I want to think that we would all just accept the legitimate results of the election and try to work together to forge a future of freedom and opportunity, equality and justice for all, as the saying goes, but we can’t count on the results being legitimate, or justice coming to the rescue. What we can count on though is the “E” factor in all of this.

The E factor is the intangible soul of America, our DNA as a free people, and our destiny as the example to the world of how it should be. This is American Exceptionalism at its finest.

This E factor cannot be pinpointed, it cannot be quantified, and it cannot be held back because I believe it is sourced form a greater power than us mere mortals, it is divine.

Time and time again in our history when it looked like the darkness was upon us⏤the American spirit rose up. The minutemen of our revolution fighting the British, the greatest military on the planet at the time, and defeating them. The greatest generation surviving the great depression only to be called on to save the world in World War II, advancing our status as the most powerful nation to ever exist. Fighting back the evil of terrorism after a devastating attack on our nation as we joined together as one people. The E factor seems to always arrive at the right moment in time and in history. A free America is important not just to us, but to the world and the future of humanity.

As we contemplate November 4th and all its potential, let us put faith in God and our nation⏤that we may see the best path forward for America.