As the United States heads into the 2020 general election cycle, agendas still persist to paint President Trump into a corner, as a racist. Rather than presenting policy that the voting public can evaluate in a positive way, it appears the attacks center on his mental health, allegations that he is a White Supremacist who exhibits blatant racial bias, as key reasons, to unseat the incumbent president.

To help us separate truth from lies, MIT PhD and Mathematician, Zak Maymin, who emigrated from Russia in 1980,  joins Ray Brookstein to use his meta-space theories as a logical method to evaluate the core accusations against President Trump. 

During this podcast and using this same methodology, Maymin also examines the Epstein “suicide” and AG Barr’s “pronouncements” in the Trump collusion conspiracy. As an expert on Marxism, Maymin further brings his experience to analyze the concept of wealth redistribution, which appears as a prominent plank in the platforms of democrat candidates, who are running for President.

Zak Maymin, a master chess player, author and movie maker, tells us about his life growing up in Russia, to help us better understand the contrasts, limitations and opportunities available to us, as Americans. Is America closer to Socialism than we think? What separates Socialism from Free-Market capitalism? Is Greed a bad thing? What are some of the problems of Language and political correctness in American society?

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