What do you when you wake up?

Do the records in your head begin again, another day, another round of the greatest hits of your mind no matter if you are aware of it or not. “UGH, I want to sleep, I hate my job, more to do, no time, I’ll never get ahead…”


Do you attempt to interrupt the incessant patterns on replay with one purpose, well-intentioned interruptions like affirmations, intentions, mediation, journalling and the like?


Do you just open your eyes to another day where you have no control, and everything that happens, just happens?

Are these the only 3 choices? 

Of course not. 

But I’d like to offer a concept, that has been really effective for me.

Every 24 hours, you reset.

Sure, echos of the day, week, month, and years before the new day arises, are all going to be there. But the sun does rise each day anew, more accurately the earth is spinning today as it was yesterday, miraculously through the universe on an orbit path so it doesn’t fly off into oblivion. Nothing new and spectacular needs to happen to notice the daily spectacular existence of you, as a human, with a beating heart, glued to the ground safely with gravity.

So, begin the day entertaining the idea you also are waking up, same old same old, but who are you? Who can you gear yourself to be? How can you direct your day? By simply noticing the gaps of awesomeness in between the busy. That’s the 24 hour reset, each moment, you can reset.

You are breathing.


There is air.


The trees are watered, and fed light by the sun, whether there are clouds or not.


Some people call this gratitude, but I think the word has been diluted from overuse and overactivity of the mind. Gratitude, is a feeling, not a bandaid of thoughts reacting to thoughts you don’t want to think, it is not a reaction but rather a state of being we can re-align with. Gratitude is a re-experiencing of all that is already here, but often our thoughts and noise keep us from the real-time experience of it, and with that, keep us from feeling safe, good, and enough. 

Just for fun, I want to invite you to notice the awesomeness gaps in your day. The loving family member in front of you while you are on your phone, the waft of lavender in the air, the moment your car turns on and works! When running water comes out of the tap. We are suffering from feeling a low-grade blah, because we are systematically not seeing the abundance, the daily awesomeness that is ever-present. But it’s quiet. Just like the earth spinning in orbit, it’s quiet, but pretty friggin’ amazing! When we don’t notice we let the same old complaints paint each day with grey, just below this noise is a colourful bounty of peace, confidence, trust, and presence: RIGHT NOW. I just inhaled, and exhaled- awesome.

When you practice gratitude, you should experience a slowing down, maybe even the sensation of stopping, and a simultaneous experience of being full, full without noise.


Can you feel it now? Maybe for a millisecond.

Maybe you yawn, or sigh deeply.

Maybe you noticed that you have legs, and feet…right there holding you up, and allowing you to navigate your life. They don’t need a parade nor 1 million Instagram followers to feel worthy, they just ARE.

Let’s acknowledge the daily awesome of your sheer existence.

Welcome back to your body.

Welcome back to your being.

You are not the thoughts replaying in your head.

Try noticing the awesomeness gaps today. Re-align with who you really are.

Slow, steady, perhaps boring, consistent, space, breath, silence…these moments are always right there under the surface.

Every 24 hours, entertain you are new. 

Consciously create a game to find the spaces, more than chasing the busy.

You got this, it is you.