As is with any election, the economy will always rank up near the very, very top of the list of biggest concerns from the voting public. 2020 is no exception according to Gallup. As the nation remains in a pandemic-induced recession, U.S. registered voters say the economy is the most important issue of 16 that may potentially affect their choice for president. Nearly nine in 10 registered voters consider the presidential candidates’ positions on the economy “extremely” (44%) or “very” (45%) important to their vote. At least three-quarters of voters consider six other issues to be important to their vote choice — terrorism and national security (83%), education (82%), healthcare (80%), crime (79%), the response to the coronavirus (77%), and race relations (76%).

Majorities of voters say eight of the nine remaining issues are extremely or very important. These include foreign affairs (74%), gun policy (68%), immigration (65%), the federal budget deficit (65%), relations with China (64%), abortion (61%), taxes (61%), and climate change (55%). Only one issue — relations with Russia — is viewed as important to less than a majority of voters (49%).

The 2020 Election is poised to break all the traditional rules. While the traditional issues are still of great concern to Americans⏤there are much bigger concerns this election cycle that could change the structure of the United States. Malcolm will share with you, two bigger issues that you need to be aware of…

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