Their reaction to Attorney General William Barr was comical, yet sad, as though a big Pink and Grey elephant named BaBarr was in front of the committee these past few days. 

How dare you say Spy?⏤Did you say that spying took place here?⏤Did you really mean Spy?

As AG Barr sat sort of dumbfounded and said ”would you prefer I say unauthorized surveillance?”

It really reminded me of the scene in “Casablanca” when Claude Reins, tells “Rick”, Played by Humphrey Bogart, that he was closing down Rick’s Nightclub, because “gambling was going on”, as they hand the Corrupt Police inspector, his winnings. “Oh thanks”…he says.

What we are witnessing in Congress is a Charade, a ruse, grandstanding and Political Correctness at its worst. It’s not that they can’t handle the truth⏤they just don’t want the truth. 

They act like it’s taboo to utter it in today’s society. They don’t like the game ”Tag you’re it”.

Don’t they realize that we’ve grown up with the word for over 50 years. Let me count the ways⏤for me, it started with Mad Magazine which featured, Spy vs Spy⏤a Cold War cartoon about Black vs White, good vs evil, Russian vs American spies. 

Of course there was the “Man from U.N.C.L.E, I Spy, and “Get Smart” on TV. Who could forget ALL the 007 movies starring Sean Connery with a long list of Actors who continued the role… Pierce Brosnan, Daniel Craig and others playing the debonaire British Spy⏤and in Novels, “The Jason Bourne series, and real life events of “Watergate”.

Now we find ourselves in 21st Century America with household names such FBI, CIA, NSA, DIA, KGB, MI-6, who are some of the Spy and National security agencies at the center of the greatest single scandal we have ever experienced in modern Political History. Spying on a political campaign or as AG Barr said …”that’s a Big Deal”, and the congressional committees acts as though they are embarrassed by using the word Spy which has been completely ingrained in our culture, as unspeakable? 

Barr was really being kind. If unauthorized and fabricated predicate spying is confirmed⏤then heads will and should roll. It represents a very serious constitutional crisis.

The committee must stop trying to put antiseptic on a severe injury to our Republic and call it what it is⏤IT WAS SPYING..

Love RayRay and a Poem

I Spy with my little eye

They think we are stupid
They just can’t conceive
They figure we’re blinded
To what they have up their sleeve

They act so incredulous
How dare that you name
You mean we’ve been spying?
Come on now that’s lame

Yet a cacophony of voices
In unison proclaim
The Media and Congress
How dare you defame 

The wool they’ve pulled over
A Nation of eyes
Disguising their hoaxes
Then act so surprised 

We live in a country
With eyes in the sky
Just look up to anywhere
You’ll see those circular guys

When they want to watch you
Hear every word that you say
With their 21st century technology
Damn right they’ve been scanning their prey 

They know precisely the method
But they won’t ever come clean
How deep the corruption
Just wait and we’ll see

This time there’s no hiding
No matter how long they delay
This smells more like treason
The Deep State’s been rueing that day

Written by RayRay 4/11/19©️
AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster