Trump to Chucky: “If you want to end your shutdown you need to fund the Border Wall.” We have arrived, I think, at the critical point in politics where the irresistible force meets the unmovable object. Trump, so far, has shown he is the irresistible force and, well, let’s face it, Schumer has already flinched before over a government shutdown.

Except for the vast hoard of socialist indoctrinated millennials pouring out of our colleges and universities, the Democrat message, as a political party, is being lost on the American voters. Their misstep on this issue, for the moment, is swamped by the cacophony of media outrage claiming all manner of horrible things will happen if Trump doesn’t concede. Don’t bet on it!

In the end, all we’re talking about is money and how it’s spent. But we have no money. The Federal dollar no longer has value as the zero monetary base is simply fiat paper like the currency used in the game of Monopoly. No longer do precious metals like gold, silver or platinum constitute the sound basis of a vibrant economy, a starting point for the exchange of goods and services. The unfettered looting of the American treasury, by our politicians, began long, long ago, and went into full swing with LBJ’s economically destructive “Great Society” nonsense and we’ve never looked back. The goodies just keep on coming. When they ran out of money, just print some more.

Power, or rather the lust for power, is the moral dilemma politicians must face if they really want to help the nation. They don’t! The road map for use of that power, the US Constitution, long  recognized as just, equitable and fair to all American’s except now. Democrats have come to believe they and they alone have earned the absolute right to that power because they see it as their duty to provide leadership to the great unwashed of America’s citizens.

Americans however, were becoming a bit more educated and started questioning the policies that Democrats were using to control America’s economy and its people. To Democrats, individual freedom was unimportant as people would be happier, they claim, if they simply knew they didn’t have to worry about their existence or safety, but look to government to provide it. “To hell with the Constitution, we know how, as a collective, to make you happier.”

Then Democrats started losing their base voters even to the point that today, a large percentage of citizens of African descent, are attaching themselves to Trumps sphere; thus the desperate need to import ignorant peoples from around the world to recreate their voter base. That’s why they refuse to build that damn wall.

Democrats point to this most recent election cycle where they, in affect, have taken control of the House of Representatives and promise to do only one thing, pursue the most successful President in American history to his destruction. What Nancy Pelosi doesn’t want to recognize is that her control of the House was not a citizens mandate, but merely a readjustment of priorities as a significant number of RiNO Republicans gave up and quit for fear they would be defeated by a “Blue Wave” that didn’t come. The good news is, the GOP should have an easier time  finding real conservative candidates to primary challenge those positions in 2020.

The old GOP has got to get out of the way. No more “moderates,” we’re long past that time. The old Democrats refuse to do so and that is the wall against which they will dash themselves to death. The question is: Do we protect America or hand it over to third world savages?

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way.

Image: Kevin Lamarque/Reuters