This Thanksgiving holiday is being felt by incredibly intense anticipation as Americans echo their revolutionary spirit combined with restlessness and uncertainty. Let us not forget we are still at war with the not so silent enemies, whose shadows are currently being revealed in the light, we are without a doubt being tested at the highest spiritual level.

2020 was the year of revelations, many of us have been elevated and activated to do more for humanity through divine knowledge and calling, we are protected by the armor of our faith.

This season reminds us of our rich traditions and inherited cultures as we celebrate with vivid memories that fill our hearts and homes with a festive excitement, combined with the aromas of bountiful foods, love, and laughter of family and friends. It is with a charitable benevolence that we serve others who are less fortunate.

On this powerfully spiritual day surrounded by an overwhelming abundance of generosity, we take refuge in believing that our family sanctuaries are protected by the command of the highest⏤Our Creator.

Through the spirit of a loving God, our prayers are magnified and empowered, our Thanksgiving tables and the souls who grace them are transformed through the prayers of reconciliation. We are sustained in the harmony of this great family reunion and restoration process.

It is the right and passage of every soul that God created to realize how powerful we are in thought and indeed, the very energy-giving wings to our prayers.

The spiritually awakened see and feel with discernment, knowing at a soul level that the time of the jubilee is near, but first, we must work our way out of the trepidations of the rogue and radical forces that once enslaved our nation and mankind.

Count your blessings and more because this once silent war is the major influence that gives a strategic meaning to the very essence of Thanksgiving as it resonates at a revolutionary level behind the scenes.

Ongoing military operations revolving around classified information once cloaked from the public are now being illuminated. This is the very reason why We the People resoundingly, re-elected President Donald J. Trump, to finish the job of dismantling enemy forces in the name of the Deep State establishment, which he started four years ago in the name of securing national security and the future legacy of our children.

The treasonous domestic terrorists that aided and abetted foreign enemies will pay a heavy price, their agendas have tragically cost our country and American families hardships at every level, rest assured they will be eradicated for their criminal plagues of evil and injustice.

This is truly a remarkable and mystical time to be alive. We raise up our glasses to toast America’s heroic forces, these warriors in real-time as well as those belonging to the spirit of generational valor passed on.

Americans will never swim downstream, our allegiance is to God almighty, our families and our country, our heroes have fought and died for the blessings of sovereignty, never to be sold to the highest foreign or domestic bidder.

There is no room for the liabilities of cognitive dissonance that propagandized the minds of the masses, this Thanksgiving shines brighter than years before as the awakening of mass consciousness resonates through every red, white and blue spirited American.

The once political sabotages of decades past have caught up in the eye of the storm in 2020 and will be resurrected by justice and accountability as Patriots and Constitutional Scholars are being called into action.

Whether you are spiritually aware of it or not, we’re all being elevated by the support of an awakening process unfolding at this crossroads of Good vs Evil.

We give thanks and praise for this moment in time as we’re being prepared to receive the jubilee⏤our children and their children will be protected by the footprints we leave upon this redefining historical moment in time that separates the wheat from the chaff.

Try to find reverence in knowing there is a light at the end of this dark tunnel, as we move forward in the weeks and months ahead, we will be rewarded by peace and prosperity. America will prove to be the “Thanksgiving” to the world as she will be the beacon of light for all to bathe in.

We have a very bright future with the new age dawning on health, wealth, and prosperity. New technologies are on the horizon that will heal the generations ills that we have suffered under a failed and corrupt elite power system.

Thank you, Lord, for the blessings of this day as disclosures are incoming and promises of our best days lie ahead. America’s warriors raise up with prayers for President Trump, our nation, and the world as we sit on the precipice of endings and new beginnings.

“For each new morning with its light, For rest and shelter of the night, For health and food, For love and friends, For everything Thy goodness sends.”  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

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