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In a rare interview in 2009, Terry Beatley accepted the pro-life mantle of Dr. Bernard Nathanson, cofounder of NARAL. Terry promised to teach his 8-point strategy of deception and deliver his personal parting message until it becomes common knowledge or until Roe v Wade is overturned.

As part of fulfilling this promise, she founded Hosea Initiative, a non-profit organization which teaches the impact of worldview through the pro-life conversion story of Dr. Nathanson. Leveraging a promise made to the “Keeper of the Abortion Industry Keys” and the power of story-telling, Hosea Initiative teaches a broader understanding of the abortion industry’s exploitation of women and children.

Terry’s book What If We’ve Been Wrong? was released in September 2016 and she has the exclusive movie rights to all of Dr. Nathanson’s writings and life story with plans for a feature film underway.

“Crushing the lies of Marxism/Socialism/Progressivism by loving listeners with truth.”

Terry Beatley

What If We've Been WrongFeminine, fearless and a fanatic for truth, Host Terry Beatley shines light in dark places to crush the lies of Marxism / Socialism / Progressivism. Too much is at stake for this woman and mother to allow the lost liberal left to commandeer liberty and morph the United States into another socialist country.

Equipped with knowledge, truth and a desire to set the record straight, Terry will give you a stellar lineup of guests, along with the hottest topics every weekday at 1 pm EST on America Out Loud TALK RADIO. Each episode will then go to podcast and can be heard on the America Out Loud Podcast Network. Don’t miss an episode of this groundbreaking show.


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