How do we define freedom in the 21st Century? Our privacy vs the mass dragnet atmosphere is put under the microscope. Is AG Jeff Sessions the right man for the job? And do we have the proper context with the football kneeling and what happened at Edina High School? VIEWPOINT THIS SUNDAY takes on the top news events of the week with panel discussions and in-depth, expert analysis.

Terrorism & Your Privacy – With the recent Texas Church massacre and another shooting this past week at a California school–is this becoming the New Normal for violent crime across America? Is hiding in our homes our new limited freedom, or is freedom defined as not using tools like active profiling–is catching the bad guy after the act the price we pay for not using the tools and agencies appropriately? Del WilberIlana Freedman

AG Sessions Under Fire – Attorney General Jeff Sessions came under fire as he testified before the House Judiciary Committee about the possibility of a Justice Department probe into the Clinton Foundation, Uranium One scandal and the ongoing Russian influence investigation with Mueller. Seems the gentleman from Alabama couldn’t please either side – Does the Department of Justice need a no-nonsense leader that will demand all employees perform to their oath or resign, end leaks, protect and defend all of America? Colonel Jim WaurishukGeorge McClellan

Kaepernick (citizen of the year) – In A DEEPER LOOK segment, we take a dive into the growing cultural divide in America. GQ releases a controversial cover for their dying magazine by naming former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick ‘Citizen of the Year’. And then there is the Edina High School Protesting Veterans by laying down on the basketball court while both the anthem and taps is played to honor our veterans. Dr Ron Martinelli,  Dr Andrea Pennington