Q: Most of the world have heard the Mantra ‘ALLAHU AKBAR’ being chanted in a Blood Curdling manner by the followers of Muhammad before suicide bombings, plane hijackings, beheadings, before the burning of churches or temples, as well as when simply demonstrating their anger.

What is the background of this mantra?

A: ‘Allahu Akbar’ is actually made up of two words: Allah which was the name of the supreme rock god of pagan Quraysh (Muhammad’s tribe in Mecca, Arabia) and Akbar which in Arabic can mean Bigger, Older, Larger or Senior.

Opposite to the assertions by mostly Arabic ignorant Western people, aided and abetted for their own nefarious reasons by Muslim spokespersons, that it means Greatest because in Arabic, Greatest is Aatham (Great Britain is called Britannia al Uthma)

‘Allahu Akbar’ is the cry of Glorification called (Takbir); that is the glorification of Allah, asserting that ‘Allah is bigger’ than all the other gods of Pagan Arabia.

Furthermore, contrary to the general perception inculcated into the minds of unlearned people in the Arabic of the Quran by the followers of Muhammad, this cry was not invented by Muhammad because it was used by the Pagan Arabs centuries before Muhammad and his Quran.

In Ibn Ishaq’sSirat Rasool^Allah’ or Muhammad’s Biography; Pages 62-63 titled the “Digging of Zamzam” tells us inter alia:

“While Abdul Muttalib was sleeping in the Hijr, he was ordered in a vision to dig Zamzam… When the exact spot had been indicated to him, he took a pick axe…and began to dig.

When the top of the well appeared, he cried ‘Allahu Akbar’; thus the Quraysh knew that he had obtained his object…”

I would like at this moment to bring to the attention of our readers the following very important points:

1 Allah was the name of the supreme rock god of the Pagan Quraysh centuries before Muhammad. Allah is most assuredly NOT the same as the God of the Bible.

2 Allahu Akbar was recited by the Pagan Arabs of Quraysh centuries before Muhammad and was used to indicate that the god Allah of theKaba was bigger than all the other 360 gods and goddesses among the pantheon of their rock idols.

This pagan tradition too, was absorbed , subsumed and ‘Islamized’ by Muhammad into his new Cult Belief System and constantly used as a terrorizing battle cry by him and his followers.

In fact, this expression is also used when animals – as well as humans – are being slaughtered.

Sahih Al-Bukhari Hadith 7.472  Narrated by Anas

The Prophet offered as sacrifices, two horned rams, black and white in color. He slaughtered them with his own hands and mentioned Allah’s Name over them and said Takbir and put his foot on their sides.

A Battle Cry is a yell or chant taken up in battle, usually by members of the same military unit. The content and nature of battle cries vary, depending on whether their intent is to threaten, to give courage, invoke a family name or family lands, or call on a god for assistance.

These cries can serve many purposes, including inspiring those otherwise inclined to stay back, terrifying the enemy, promoting a sense of unity, as well as communicating to allies that they have support.

Battle cries serve three purposes:

1 To terrify the enemy before and during an attack

2 To give an Esprit de Corps for the fighters

3 To act as a witness to the beliefs of Muslim fighters before their death

Bukhari Sahih Hadith 5.456
“Muhammad led the Fear/or Terror Prayer [Allahu Akbar] with one batch of his army while the other (batch) faced the enemy.”

This is called the TERROR VERSE by the Muslim exegetes.

Bukhari Sahih Hadith 5.516
“When Allah’s Apostle fought or raided people we raised our voices saying, ‘Allahu-Akbar! Allahu-Akbar! None has the right to be worshipped but Allah.'”

This mantra is recited by Muslims in numerous and different situations. For example, when they are happy or wish to express approval; when an animal is butchered in halal fashion; when they want to praise a speaker, in times of extreme stress or euphoria; before attacking an enemy or even when slaughtering an enemy.

It is also recited during each stage of both obligatory prayers, which are supposed to be performed five times a day, and supererogatory prayers, which are performed at will.

The Quran contains 109 verses that call Muslims to war with Unbelievers/ Kuffar/ Infidels, 80% of unsuspecting humanity. Some are quite graphic, with commands to chop off heads and fingers, and kill the infidels wherever they may find them.

Muslims who do not join the fight are called ‘hypocrites’ and warned that Allah will send them to Hell if they do not participate in the slaughter.

These verses are open-ended, meaning that they are not embedded within a historical context (unlike nearly all of the Biblical verses of violence). They are part of the eternal, unchanging word of Allah, and just as relevant or subjective as anything else in the Quran.

Unfortunately, there are very few verses of tolerance and peace to abrogate or even balance out the many that call for nonbelievers to be fought and subdued until they either accept humiliation, convert to Islam, or are killed. This proclivity towards violence, and Muhammad’s own martial tradition have resulted in an ocean of spilt blood and millions of bodies across world history.

In conclusion, in fact and in reality, the expression Allahu Akbar was to assert that Allah, the name of the supreme rock god of the Quraysh was more powerful than all of the other 360 Stone or Rock gods and Goddesses in the Kaba. It is an expression of relativity.

Ladies and gentlemen, so called Believers and Unbelievers, “The people did not hijack the Cult of Muhammadan Islam; it is the Cult of Muhammadan Islam that has hijacked the people”.

1400 years later, in the 21st century, the modern followers of Muhammad use exactly the same Terror Verse as they slaughter, bomb, hi-jack and blow unarmed and innocent civilians all over the globe and make sure that the Medium of TV is there to have the whole world as witness to their mind boggling barbarity and cowardice.

Iraqi exile, Arabic speaker, scholar and author. Eager to debate any Imam or Infidel and ready to answer any question. Asserts that The Koran is not a Holy Book; it is a roadmap to total war with western civilization. I.Q. al Rassooli is among the foremost authorities in the world on the subjects of Islam. Author of Lifting the Veil - his monumental trilogy of "Lifting the Veil: The True Faces of Muhammad & Islam" should be a must read for those who really want to know the facts.
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