So, when did telling the truth suddenly become “controversial?” I don’t know, but we need to ask WISN News reporter Terry Sater of Green Bay, WI that question. This week I was honored to present my popular law enforcement and media seminar, “The Truth Behind the Black Lives Matter Movement and Policing Strategies,” for the Wisconsin Sheriffs and Deputy Sheriff’s Association at their annual conference in Green Bay, WI.

Consistent with my custom of transparency as a media consultant, I also invited the local news media to attend a half day seminar covering the same subject matter the following day. None of invited media attended; but WISN reporter Terry Sater did request and was granted an interview by me to discuss aspects of my presentation to the assembled law enforcement administrators and criminal justice dignitaries.

As a preface, I will tell you that President Donald Trump nails it when he criticizes the left-leaning, anti-police mainstream media for creating “fake news” and controversy. As a police and media consultant I have seen it all and have written about this topic in my popular new book, “The Truth Behind the Black Lives Matter Movement and the War on Police.”

Reporter Sater’s first question out of the box was whether I was training cops to hate blacks. What?! While WISN producers edited out Mr. Sater’s obviously leading, “got-ya” question, you can hear all my thoughtful and direct responses as to what I was educating the audience on. I told Mr. Sater that quite the opposite was true. I was lecturing on the real truths behind the radical, militant and Marxist-oriented Black Lives Matter movement. The officers learned about the movement’s political history and leanings, the backgrounds of its founders, how the group is funded and what their destructive designs to disenfranchise, diminish, defund and eventually dissolve law enforcement and our democratic-based criminal justice system are.

Much time was spent providing the law enforcement and criminal justice administrators with suggestions of progressive policy development, training, dealing with the anti-law enforcement news media, educating our under-educated and disengaged students and adults in the Rule of Law and civil rights; and in working in a unified manner to diminish the effects of the Black Lives Matter movement.

That evening on WISN News, I found that reporter Terry Sater led his column and his TV news segment with the headline, “Controversial author speaks to Wisconsin law enforcement about Black Lives Matter Movement.” I was more than a bit taken aback since no one including members of the BLM have ever characterized me or my book as “controversial.” So, the question I have posed to reporter Sater is, “Just who is labeling me ‘controversial’?” He has yet to respond which is typical for such hit and run reporters. By the way, it is interesting to watch his story to learn that he had reached out to leaders of the BLM movement with questions about me and my book, but they declined to respond. So, who is really being transparent with the truth here. Certainly, not reporter Sater or Black Lives Matter.

As I have written in my blog, the left-leaning mainstream media had better wake up and smell the coffee regarding the public’s demands that they report accurately and fairly about topics that affect American society. They should have clearly heard by now that Americans are sick and tired of their “fake news” and false narratives designed to diminish law enforcement and those of us who seek out and tell the truth. If you believe the way I do, I encourage you to call/email the News Director at WISN News in Green Bay, WI and tell them you want accurate reporting and not “fake news” from their reporters. Let’s all work hard to Make America Great Again. It begins with us!

Dr. Ron Martinelli, a retired San Jose Detective and world renowned forensic criminologist has done exhaustive research on the Black Lives Matter movement. He wrote the book: The Truth Behind the Black Lives Matter Movement and the War on Police
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